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  1. Did you hear Alba is preggers? That's one luck man she's got.
  2. Daniel Jumped the Shark? ZOMG!! Really?????I don't think so.
  3. He's talking to/about the OP in this thread that also posted in the current thread.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=113530
  4. You need to be a playa like hubdub....he's got tail waitin around for him or lefty or poker. Check it outhttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=113661
  5. I'll admit I don't play much Omaha, but how do you not get raised on the river? The only hand's that the other guy loses to is 99, 33 and AA. I thought with the Bet, Raise, Call on the Turn he would have gone for the check/raise on the river. But he saved himself $1.
  6. I think they are talking about Heisman Hopeful Chase Daniel!
  7. I thought he looked a bit frail in the 50K horse event.All my best thoughts to his family.
  8. FYP. Ok, I know it's not PC to make jokes about Mental Health but I figure if he put it in his blog, he opened himself up to it.
  9. Are you speaking of the spinach and mango after the cat processes it?
  10. Nice try but no. I was wanting some kind of a response from the OP. I chose to call him out similar to the way he called out Daniel...get it? A little Irony? ok, moving on.
  11. OP, looking at your profile here on FCP, I found it interesting that 3 out of the last 4 posts you made were bashing Daniel. My question is this, if you dislike him so much, why do you post here?I have a quick, simple and painless solution for all of us (you included). Just don't post. If you stop posting, we'll stop bashing you for your pointless threads.Thank you.
  12. Cardplayer:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/artic...-sunday-millionGood job man!Ron.
  13. Yeah, Stars did send me something about it being new and limited availability.
  14. Ah, my bad. I used the "Instant E-checks" option. That worked quick, easy and no processing fee. It shows up as "SIMPLE8668399585" on your bank statement. 866-839-9585 is a customer support phone number for simple phone cards.
  15. It worked for me a couple of weeks ago. The money was in my account instantly. Took a bit for it to hit may bank account but no fee's involved.
  16. I thought you already dropped out of school? Didn't you start that thread earlier this week?
  17. At my local casino the 12 has to go in no matter what. He can then fold, raise or just leave it at 12.
  18. Headline on CNN tomorrow....Anthony overheats Youtube.....
  19. Anthony is good enough to win that in his sleep!!!! Nicely done Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. If you are in the US Netteller closed your acount for you already. Not sure about Firepay though.
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