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    how old are you?

    42. Playing for almost a year now....
  2. http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/poker/tournaments.phpI like this site for schedules.....
  3. Here's my short .02 cents on the matter.This is a public forum. You don't know me, I don't know you. If you have a question expect all kinds of answers. Read them, evaluate them, take the one's you find interesting to heart and cast the others aside. I recognize a few names on some of the posts. I already discredit them because I know that they 1) know very little about poker or 2) are only here to stroke their own ego, so they get the big IGGY button from me. Just ignore them. If you fight them you give them power. I think that you might be realizing that you were a little in error ot
  4. I agree the Showdown % is low. Mine I thought was horrible at 52%. I have stopped paying people off just to show down a solid hand when a maniac catches runner runner to beat you out of a nice pot. It's so easy in limit to say what the heck I'll throw one more bet in even though I know I am beat.....but it ends up being an easy leak to fix if you're disciplined.
  5. ROFLMAO!!!! Are you looking next to my computer again?????
  6. http://www.kvvu.com/Global/story.asp?S=2750931
  7. WRTO,This couldn't have come at a better time. I was reviewing my stats last night and wondering how I could get my post flop aggression rating up from passive to aggressive. My numbers are very inline with yours and was going to start researching what I was missing out on....I'll try you're suggestions....Thanks for the information. I just started using PokerTracker last week and only have about 800 hands in....
  8. I do agree with smash about the excalibur games being soft....I went out there last January (2004) and it was my first B&M game (only been playing about a month online to that point as well) and I was able to walk away with a sizeable win in 2 out of 3 sessions (limit poker). I also tried their beginner's Tournemant but practically got blinded off because the chips start so small and blinds go up so fast.Heading out again middle of Febuary and staying at the Aladdin. Anyone play at their new room yet?
  9. Wow, $3.45 american? Come on Tell the truth....That's a bit exagerated isn't it Oh wait a poker player telling the truth now that would be greatly exagerated
  10. Ok, I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist or anything but how sold is the email? I mean if I am going to go to the trouble of marking cards to hussle a card game would I really do that for a 2/4 limit game?Seems to me the risk/reward on getting caught/making a payday on a 2/4 limit game would be just absurd. Just my .02 cents.....
  11. I just got Poker Tracker and haven't even tried to use it yet but I did notice that http://www.bet-the-pot.com has a write up on how to use Poker Tracker and "Poker Tracker (Part IIa) has a set of autorate rules and a discusion on how these rules were derrived.Hope that helps!
  12. Amazon and UPS are sending my copy to me as we speak...I should get it today!!!!!I went ahead and got SS2 from amazon.com and originally it said it would ship in about a week....well they shipped it the next day and ups tracking show's that it is out for delivery.
  13. It will show you're hand if you have the higher hand to that point...ie 3 people call the last bet, the person that bet first's hand will show, then person number 2's hand will show only if it beat person number 1's hand and then person #3's hand will show only if it beats the high hand at the time.Now having said that, you can always go to hand history and see what the person mucked if they went and called all the way to the river. You might have mucked it and not show you're loosing hand on the river but other people can go to the hand history and see what you mucked.This has gotten me some
  14. Smash,I just wanted to thank you. I have been playing limit at the B&M cardrooms when I go to Vegas (3 or 4 times a year). Always managed to stay about even maybe just slightly ahead. Reading your posts 1) helped my confidence 2) proved that you can be patient (and have to be) in limit 3) helped me fine tune my starting hand requirements and finally 4) helped take some of the passivity out of my game (Not afraid to raise when I feel I should). While 2 sessions is no iron clad proof, I do see quite a change already.Thanks for helpin out a newbie I really will follow your journey!Ron.
  15. Nope, Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh are all conservatives and never claim otherwise. CBS, 60 Minutes and Dan Rather on the other hand "CLAIM" to be fair and balanced when they are in fact so far to the left it's laughable that they claim the otherwise.60 Minutes has a few good segments now and again...so I do watch it but I always take their views as biased.
  16. try a google search on poker dealer school. You'll find a few and then you've got a few years to research them :wink:
  17. You can have a flair....style....and still be very profesional and respectful. I to have grown to like Daniel's style. He is very aggressive and definetly a person to be feared at the table but he's not and "IN YOUR FACE" type. Another person I love to watch is Marcel Luske. He can sing karakoe and play cards at the same time. His ability to read other people is awesome as well. The hand in th WSPO where he folds to the person next to him and says "Your Kings are good". The person responds "You mean my Queen's?" and Marcel responds "No, you had Kings." and sure enough he did have Kings
  18. Well, Tiger and Barry might not get money deducted from their account if they go in the tank, but then thier endorsment deals and contracts won't be renewed either. Right now most poker players are putting up the money for thier entry fee's but with satalite tourney's and the like it get's much more economical to enter the high dollar tourneys. Endorsment deals are available to some of the top pro's but aren't as lucrative as the other top pro's in the major sports.I guess it comes down to the definition of a Sport. I don't think that poker takes any physical talent that most sports do, but
  19. mx957

    Any idea?

    Cardplayer Mag has the winners in their Tourny section....http://www.cardplayer.com
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