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  1. Why in the world would you put in specifically on KK. This could jsut as easily be JJ or 1010. I fold to the shove. What is he shoving that you are beating?
  2. Call the turn c/r, and snap call the river push. This is a flush a decent amount of the time. I think 2 pair raises the flop to see how its doing most of the time. Also, bet more on the turn.
  3. The real problem is limping with the trash hand utg. Riaise or fold, with heavy emphasis on fold. Id rather have 98s everytime.
  4. Its depends on your position relative to the bring in and what everyone elses upcards are. I would rarely limp with this hand, but would complete with it in certain situations.
  5. You should be upset at yourself for making that heinous call. 66 when youa re the ckip leader and blinds are only 100/200 is not a hand you want to put a large chunk of your stack in with. Fold and let them fight it out.
  6. Don't cold call on the button with 22 in limit.
  7. I use them all the time. If you are staying at the hotel, you can use one behind the registration desk. If not, the casino cage usually has one. They give you a key and you need the key and a picture id to get into the box.
  8. I would have bet 5th if I was still in, which i wouldn;t be because I would have folded 4th facing 2 cold and the possibility of a raise behind me.
  9. I found that the play at Binions/ Goldstrike was better than at the other casinos I have been at- i.e. Foxwoods, Vegas, Commerce. There were a heck of a lot of PLO games going.
  10. You do realize Tuesday-Tuesday is actually 8 days.
  11. I played last summer. Weekday somewhere between 35 and 50 and on the weekends you get about 60.
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