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  1. Sounds good man. Ill be in town mid July for a week or so.
  2. I like this so much more better than the other ridiculous videos that Ive seen submitted. Those products will be very beneficial to those that you gave them to. Being that my gf lives in Denver (I am there half the year), I know of the huge homeless population that calls Denver home. It's a little funny because I recognized all those places that you gave out your care packages. Good job, KingJames and I really hope you get in the Main Event.
  3. Edit: I double posted so Im editing this one to say, nothing. haha
  4. Whats it like to play on Stars......boy do I miss you.
  5. So what does this mean for the future of Bovada.lv for us US players that play on this site still?
  6. You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up!!!Frances Bay - Happy Gilmores Grandma
  7. We definitely are better than you at grammar. Oh, and Go f"ck yourself.
  8. Yeah, glad that cap wearing idiot went busto.
  9. Id love to see multiple pros make this FT. Devo, Lamb and some others. I love Devo's buddies wearing red sand buckets on their heads. lol.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Darcort (pink haired f&ck) out. lol
  10. Is espn2 covering more tonite at 9pm pst????Edit: OK, looks like they are.
  11. Please, Please, Please do not let that pink haired Frenchy make it to the final table.
  12. I'm wondering about some of the plays this viswanathananananaaaathan dude is making. He seems like he just doesnt exactly what is going on. lol
  13. Wow, who was that blonde DN was just talking to on the rail..blonde hottie. Don't think it was Amanda Leatherman.
  14. At first I just saw the hoodie....then I noticed that it was an ed hardy beanie....then when he stood up he had on a rhinestone hardy tshirt on underneath the hoodie. What a doucher.
  15. He lost half his stack in 2 hands. Both in a row I think.
  16. How about the dude at DN's table with the purple sport coat and the magnificently done long feathered hair. Also, the older dude with the douchey ed hardy outfit on.
  17. This @sshole pink haired frenchy is quit annoying.
  18. ESPN2 HD on my new 46" LED.....brag post obv
  19. Boring players at this table on Espn2 now.
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