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  1. rigged...ty bob and fcp for putting this on
  2. it seems like every body wants a piece of MMA these days. James Toney, Herchel Walker, Mayorga, now this guy. I got no problem with these guys coming into the sport, but it becomes more of a sideshow then a legit competitor. i guess if people are willing to pay to watch it cool, but a big stink gets made aobut these guys coming in and they havent really proven much in this sport. TBH I think they would do much better in Japan where they are brought in a given this huge spolight and the fans eat it up over there. Here they just waste of time til they decide the fun is over in the sport.I guess
  3. shove pf with aces or kings. limp pf with any other pair and push when u hit a set. fold the rest. (i think)
  4. It looks like you had your mind made up either way that you were beat, Next time don't ask for opinions and then tell us we're wrong.My 2 cents:I jam and if he has KK or K5 then I guess I am out my 11$.One could argue its early enough to fold and live to fight another hand.
  5. so you have to earn atleast 5 FTP's/day in order to make that day qualify??
  6. Man I wish Gomi woulda done better, he had no answers it felt like. KenFlo just looked so much faster then Gomi.does anyone else not like Nelson, he is just a meh fighter who thinks he is the greatest, I guess time will tell on that one. I dont think he can contended with the likes of Cain, dos Santos or even Gonzaga. Struve is just tall with no chin.Outside of those 2 fights haven't seen the others yet, just got home from work in time to watch the last 2.
  7. live pokers rigged duh...dude you didn't know
  8. where is this hand at?? i am watching them and am curious.thanks
  9. yeah no kididing, a little binkage is always nice on Sundays
  10. I missed this, could you elaborate? always like to hear of the sick scores FCP'ers take down
  11. ok I am not going to make a new thread about Rush Poker, but I am playing the $5 tables and they are unbelievably tight. I understnad waiting for good hands and all, but it seems there are hardly any flops or 3 betting. Only a small percentage of hands see a flop and even then its usually HU. II play pretty ABC poker and it seems to work well. I have been able to win fairly regualry and steal the blinds quite often. Are the other levels this tight? Could it be b/c of rakeback or bonus clearing that is going on? (I am SLOWLLLY clearing a bonus FTP gave me).thanks all
  12. I love how she just barely bits her lip,very sexxy. I also like how they slowed it down for even more sexyness...
  13. man does PH ALWAYS play up himself and his skills...oh wait this is Hellmuth we're talking about, best self promoter name dropper in teh world
  14. its $20 a song, 3 song minimum...
  15. where I play if you have a "chance" for a high hand, then you say can we play it out and take a flop. the rake doesn't happen unless the pot goes over 10$ (at my casino), therefore you can see a flop and let the hand play out. I was involved 1 time where the BB said lets play it out, and he hit quads. He made a bet on the flop, I called then he flipped up his hand to show the quads, and the betting stopped. the rake was taken and he ended up winning $200 for the high hand that hour. He gave me my $6 back and bought me a drink.I'm a reg at this casino and knew the ettiquite, and knew what his b
  16. what did you 4 bet with the hand before the break??
  17. Erin NessI'll keep this thread on track.
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