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  1. This really sucks, but the US Government better hope they can prove eveything that is in this indictment, if they can not then someone in the Gov is going to have a serious bad hair day, as I can here many , many lawsuits filed on everyone in this case that accused everyone in this indictment LOLOL.That's why the Federal Government can not balance their own Budget because these A$$Clowns has wasted all the money, and now they want to miss with us that make more money then them Crooks in the Federal Governemnt and Congress.
  2. Pot Odds RAC, Thank You, but I guess it's to late for that now LOLOL.
  3. vincer.lusi, Would it be better to try to look at a semi bluff in two stages like my below examples?The Bluff: The first bet made in a semi-bluff is exactly that, a bluff. As with all bluffs a bet has to be made that could win the hand right now. After all that is the point of a bluff. If you do get called then an approprate sized bluff has done two things. Your hand is better disguised and you have started to build a pot for when you make a hand. It is important to remember that in poker the goal of a made hand is to extract as much value as possible. The bet at this stage is setting that up.
  4. outsider12, I am very sure the industry has really changed since 2004, as I am sure they want to stop cheatting as much as they can when they lose tons of money from online play, because that can really be costly to them and not the cheater.The industry are there to make tons of money and not to lose it, just like us poker players wants the same thing.But here is another theory of mine is the poker sites would keep a profile, tracking how long you play verse how much you spent (win /lose) in a session. Player A’s profile is, he will come on line and play until he loses $50 bucks, wins a $100 o
  5. Here is a set of 10-1 SNG's from Party Poker. I recorded all of all-ins. I list the favored hand first. The result is from the from the point of view of the favored hand. These arent my bad beats these are all of them, bad, coin flip or otherwise.1. qq/JJ L2. AJs/ 7-4 L3. jj /a8 w4. a-10 /a-7 L5. 66/ A9 L6. 98/A9 L7. kk/Aks L8. aj/a10 w9. aa/10-10 w10. aj/a6 L11. aa/qq w12. aa/j10s w13. 10-5/9-6 W14. aa/q4s W15. a-7/a-3s L16. AKs/j10 L17. K-10/k3s L18. jj/a-2 Lthis shows 10 of the 18 underdogs won. Many of them dominated. What is more striking if I neglect the AA wins a staggering 10 wins for
  6. Yes KingJames I did but I am trying to mix things up a bit with both now.
  7. Thank You KingJames, all I am trying to do is to start a good thread and discussion on this topic with others because it can get into the differant styles players have as well as I like to here from others.
  8. A question that plagues us all from time to time. Let's have a quick breakdown and hear your opinions/strategies for semi-bluffing.The semi-bluff can lossely be described as betting a hand where you may (or may not) have the best hand currently, but have a significant chance to have the best hand at showdown. You're not neccesarily looking for a call, but you can stand one.(i.e. flush draw, open end straight draw, etc) Here are but a few small things to consider before deciding to semi-bluff(or not) 1. How many people are seeing the flop/turn/river? The more players in the hand, the less effec
  9. Who cares if someone is a Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered or even a hermaphrodite or stright ,Bi , as this should never be brought into the game of Poker. We are there to play Poker and gender should never be brought into the game at all.I myself is to play poker and to make money and to have fun and that is it.
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