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  1. Game # 110141052: Omaha H/L Pot Limit ($2/$4) 05/15/2006 01:03:58Table "Craven Hill Gardens" (Real Money) Seat 5 is the buttonSeat 4: moneytoburn ($336.45)Seat 5: OmarcusX ($428.35) [button]OmarcusX: posts small blind $2moneytoburn: posts big blind $4>>> HOLE CARDS <<<Dealt to moneytoburn [Kh 3d Ac Qd]OmarcusX: raises $4 to $8moneytoburn: calls $4>>> FLOP <<< [2c Qc 9s]moneytoburn: checksOmarcusX: bets $8moneytoburn: calls $8>>> TURN <<< [2c Qc 9s] [9c]moneytoburn: checksOmarcusX: bets $8moneytoburn: raises $40 to $48OmarcusX: raises $56 to
  2. A couple questions...How is check calling the flop a bluff?How is checking the turn ( letting him commit himself to the pot) a bluff?
  3. easy play to simply repop and get it in a slight dog against set.Other line to check call and lead in any safe turn/ check fold to a brick and pot.I guess it really depends on mood and if you want to gamble there, the way the table had been playing would be a huge factor on my decision. Though I am probably getting in on flop 75% of time.
  4. pot the flop.Easy Call the way it was played.
  5. When he leads into you on the river, do you really think he has 2 pair or a set?Easy call
  6. Stop when you run out of chips!!!!!!!!!Even if he has the best hand that can fight your hand AA25, you still have 10% positive equity. About 32% for you to take high, while only 22% for him.This is a dream situation, there was no reason to stop. Unless underolled and afraid of the variance, you should have continued to raise till its all in the middle ..............
  7. The way the hand was played I think my only play on river was to check/call here. Anyways, here are the results........... Dealing River ** : [ Qs ] moneytoburn5 checks.wdwmkr checks.nmbigjim checks.** Summary **Main Pot: $336 | Rake: $3Board: [ Qd 9c 2d As Qs ]wdwmkr balance $536.22, lost $107 [ Kd Jh 7c Jd ] [ two pairs, queens and jacks -- As,Qd,Qs,Jh,Jd ]nmbigjim balance $459.10, lost $107 [ 8h Ad 4s 3h ] [ two pairs, aces and queens -- Ad,As,Qd,Qs,8h ]
  8. I definitely agree that completing the SB with this type of hand can lead to huge problems and hard decisions.I gave serious thought to check raising the turn here, and in retrospect I feel like this is the best play. From the turn action, I strongly felt like I had the best hand. I could have made it $366 on the check raise and committed myself to a pot as a decent favorite.
  9. call on flop (don't reraise), fold on turnYou do not want to make a big pot with such a vulnerable hand
  10. Only at table for a few rounds, No real reads.I probably only complete SB 50% of time, but I limped here with all the extra money from the posters.I hit middle set but on a very draw heavy board. How is my line here? ***** Hand History for Game 3868576480 *****0/0 Omaha Hi/Lo Game Table (PL) - Sat Apr 01 20:15:54 EST 2006Table Table 95187 (No DP) (Real Money) -- Seat 4 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10Seat 1: wdwmkr ( $643.22)Seat 2: nmbigjim ( $566.10)Seat 3: Ms_BOSS ( $120)Seat 4: wallie50 ( $157)Seat 5: moneytoburn5 ( $573)Seat 6: HARD2HANDLE3 ( $600)Seat 7: marcomsh ( $583.50)Se
  11. Repot. I don't see a case for calling. Are you really considering to call the $20 on the flop and check/fold for $36 on the turn if unimproved? I think the best order of lines would be 1.) repot 2.) fold 3.) call
  12. SB complete is fine,check/3 bet on flop to isolate button.
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