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  1. You are all losers who would be better at poker if you spent more of your life practicing and less spamming internet boards.I miss phpBB Invision kinda sux.
  2. Hi Actuary.The flop bet is for value. It is better than a check raise because you can't be sure of a bet. It is better than a check call because your equity is high enough to warrant a bet, you don't want this checked through.The check raise on the turn is as played.(i.e. when you call the flop, you should do so with the intention of check raising the button player who is often betting light) when you just call the flop you want to show strength on the turn. Button may have a worse hand or a better hand, but if it is worse he has outs and you don't mind taking down the pot with your middle
  3. The Poker Room network is worse, and Party is just as bad.THe only place with noticable better rake structure is Poker Stars, which doesn't have HU tables at that limit.
  4. What ever happened to predictibility?The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.Everywhere you look , everywhere you go (there's a heart).There's a heartA hand to hold onto.Everywhere you look , everywhere you go.There's a faceOf somebody who needs you.Eveywhere you look,When you're lost out there and you're all alone,A light is waiting to carry you home,Everywhere you look.Everywhere you look.
  5. I think he is trying to make this the greatest flaming thread ever. Unfortunately it will most likely soon die due to its complete lameness.
  6. 1. Daniel Negreanu - $1,400,000 (seat 2) 2. Bryant King - $882,000 (seat 6) 3. Kia Mohajeri - $128,000 (seat 8 )
  7. Hand 107 - Bryant King has the button in seat 6, Mohajeri moves all in for $63,000 from the small blind, and Negreanu calls with Ks-2c. Mohajeri shows Qc-7c, and he'll need to improve to stay alive. (Bryant King says he folded Q-2, stealing an out from each of them.) The flop comes As-Ah-Jh, and Negreanu is still in the lead. The turn card is the 2d, giving Negreanu a pair. Mohajeri still needs a queen or a seven to stay alive. The river card is -- the 7s! Kia Mohajeri makes a pair of sevens on the river to stay alive and double up.
  8. BK has gotten the sickest run of cards for a final table ever it seems...
  9. A squeeze play is a sacrifice bunt with a runner on third and fewer than two outs. The batter bunts the ball, expecting to be thrown out at first base, but hoping that the runner from third will be able to score.To argue differently would be to redefine the term. If it is fine to redefine the term for poker, it seems reasonable that people are free to make their own definitions, as opposed to relying on some book by harrington that liberally uses baseball metaphors like "small ball" etc.Your definition of squeeze play is no better than his, sorry.
  10. 1. Daniel Negreanu - $1,097,000 (seat 2) 2. Kia Mohajeri - $591,000 (seat 8 ) 3. Lee Markholt - $387,000 (seat 4) 4. Bryant King - $335,000 (seat 6) DN has bled through more than 1/10th of his stack without really playing a hand.He knows what he is doing, but I hope he gets some cards before he loses his edge.
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