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  1. yea whats with pokerstars pulling a full tilt poker?
  2. im gonna start my own camp, and its gonna be exactly like the one you described except mine will have blackjack and hookers.... you know what forget the poker camp.
  3. theres also under the gun for the 1st seat guys. thats 6 out of 9 covered we can get them all
  4. I thought this was hilarious, enjoyhttp://saddlepoint.livejournal.com/7844.html
  5. I think theres a good chance that it was not really scott... im just speculating, but as every1 has said this does not seem like the same scott fishman from tv.
  6. 1/2nl i raise 75 of clubs on the button about 3xbb donkey calls from bbflop A 10 10 with 2 spades donkey bets the minimum into me so i raise him to about 3x again he callsturn comes its a offsuit Q. I bluff $14, he calls. Now im sure he had spadesRiver offsuit 4 and he checks. I decide to bluff 16.. enuff to take him off 4 spades... but he calls, dam my 7 high is beat right?he shows 7/6 of spades, he called on the river with 4 spades and 7 high, and at first i thought he won the whole pot with his kicker, but he called me on 7 high and we split. I guess he made a good read lol.
  7. whirleymob

    smiles test

    got 17 right... dam im good. did anyone else realise all the people were VERY ugly
  8. i wanna watch, but i cant see real money tables on fcp, can any one help me, is one of my setting off or something
  9. Patrik Antonius .... thats I_Knockout_U right?
  10. So that was you in the black truck huh?? When I get out of this bodycast you are SO sued.
  11. right no sales tax, but there is income tax. well heres your blog...Day 1 Im just a college student at UDel, who makes his beer money beating 1/2- 2/4 nl games and 5/10- 10/20 limit games in his free time, working out the numbers of going pro, and looking to see if taking poker more seriously is my best path for a jobDay 2I gotta final in 7 hrs. why am I still posting on this dam forum.thanks for the advise guys, but im still FAR from actually going through with this, but just researching an option, as I love poker, have little interest in anything in school right now, and would truely enjoy
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