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  1. Right smash, that's why you see the same 'suckers' at final tables of NLHE tourneys over and over again. Like DN for example.Yeah like wsop 2005, many final tables.
  2. It's on ESPN.Yeah but we don't have ESPN, at least not with bell express vu. So anyone know if its on another channel? thanksYou don't have ESPN? Where do you live? Canada?!?!?!?Yeah I know it suck! We only have ESPN classic Canada witch probably suck also. We don't get anything in Quebec beside the strippers and the crappy roads.
  3. It's on ESPN.Yeah but we don't have ESPN, at least not with bell express vu. So anyone know if its on another channel? thanks
  4. Aanyone know if we will get this in Canada?
  5. I i'm myself a website owner and we had the same problem about a year ago. We had decide to change our logo to include ".com" in it but we clearly made a bad decision. It was designed by a so so designer and we deside to use it because we didnt had anything better. The new logo was just bad... So we change it again and this time it was designed professionaly. Now its great and we don't get email saying our logo suck.Seam like the same thing is going on here. I also don't like the logo here but I guess its all personal. I believe many differents opinions are require to make a good decision, may
  6. Its midnight, i'm at 9300. Hoping it keep doing well for me.
  7. Saw this on TV but have never try.http://www.pokerincanada.ca/
  8. Where are the heads up tables on party? Can't find them. thanks
  9. I always play T1000 with my friend and we use this tournament structure:http://www.homepokertourney.com/downloads.htmBlinds increase every 20 to 25 min. Last 3 to 4 hours with 8 players and rebuys. I thing its the best structure I play for this kind of tourney.
  10. That suck, i'm not gay. I tought from your subject that it has something to do with poker, something like we will finally have some poker room in Quebec. Anyone know where the action is in Montreal?
  11. Anyone read volume 2? I got my copy yesterday and from a quick browse it look great. I believe volume 1 was the greatest book i read about no limit strategies.
  12. Hello all. First post here, reading for a while...There a card club in Montreal? Can you give more info i'm looking for a place to play and our casino suck here.thanks
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