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  1. if 4th is pumped, calling 5th is marginally correct
  2. muck muck muck muck AK can't ship wtf.
  4. i rail you you rail meim at 17k gtd sn dereeekho
  5. makes it 4 with below starting stack, hooray.
  6. troyomac will join them soon, and followed by me and scottyno soon after.WAY TO REPRESENT FCP ROFLMAO.
  7. i think i drew a good table but i'll probably bust out just before money
  8. fold is right, natalie.lost only 3k chips, still have a gazillion BBs. dump hand here and avoid risking losing many many more chips in a tricky spot.
  9. imo it should be the other way around.If the blinds are chronic defenders, you want to shove to get a fold or get into a race.If the blinds are passive, you could risk less chips to get the blinds.
  10. if haralabos says it's great, it's great.
  11. i got flatted by KK and then shipped upon. flat might've been a good idea since i can probably nit fold QQ there preflop.as for fist pump call, i tanked and timebanked and then cried and called. imo, at this stage, getting flatted is almost scarier than getting rr. to reliterate, i've opened a few pots and never had anyone rr or call me, so the table was playing really tight, so i gave villan credit for either 77-TT or slowplaying AA/KK. it's probably a fold if i have more chips, but as i had only 7300 behind, i don't think i can fold QQ on that flop after putting half my chips in and with
  12. first hand in WSOP ME when 3 people went all in before you.
  13. well from the surface, yes, but what would villan's range be? and how big of a favorite we're against villan's range considering preflop flat call?
  14. 29 left 27 cashes, I was about 22 or 23 out of 29. Table has been tight, as I've been raising at least once per round and I haven't faced any resistance at all.Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold'em Tournament, 500/1,000 Blinds, 125 Ante, 7 PlayersMP: 37,953CO: 17,259BTN: 17,891SB: 29,294BB: 8,575UTG: 32,743Hero (UTG+1): 14,565Pre-Flop: (2,375) Q:heart: Q:diamond: dealt to Hero (UTG+1)UTG folds, Hero raises to 2,500, MP calls 2,500, 4 foldsFlop: (7,375) 4:heart: T:spade: 6:spade: (2 Players)Hero bets 4,300, MP raises to 20,275, Hero ???I have 7,640 behind
  15. bad beat jackpots. get gamblers to try and shoot for straight flushes/quads when you have a make hand.
  16. he said he doesn't play as much as the regulars but he felt he'd have a chance if he sticks to his gameplan
  17. 8:57 scottyno "can't win coinflips bro, super short"
  18. 7:00 from scottyno"2925 at break, nothing really interesting except a huge donk 2 to my left with a lot of chips"
  19. our NWP donkey friend scottyno is playing. he's 4:56 "table 23, don't recognize anyone"
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