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  1. I think Lou has a problem with his glove hand. For the last few games he cant seem to pick up the puck on the ice. Looks pretty steady otherwise.
    glove hand has been a problem since before olympics. see usa goal that sent game to OT.chicago was flat as pancake.canucks has had balanced scoring the whole season so it's not shock that neither samuelsson or burrows didn't score. after all there were 6 20 goal scorers and wellwood/ehrhoff each had 15.
  2. The hit from Malkin doesn't even look like it would cause this type of damage but that is what happens when it isn't the first concussion. That massive stick was valuable.
    i think the hit from derek boogaard the night before was the one that gave mitchell the concussion.
  3. tksFull Tilt Poker Game #14335310426: Table Suit (heads up) - $3/$6 Ante $0.50 - Limit Stud Hi - 0:12:38 ET - 2009/08/29Seat 1: SAMTHEBULL ($138)Seat 2: lostnutzcase ($151)lostnutzcase antes $0.50SAMTHEBULL antes $0.50*** 3RD STREET ***Dealt to SAMTHEBULL [9h]Dealt to lostnutzcase [6d 3s] [7s]lostnutzcase is low with [7s]lostnutzcase brings in for $1SAMTHEBULL completes it to $3lostnutzcase calls $2*** 4TH STREET ***Dealt to SAMTHEBULL [9h] [Kc]Dealt to lostnutzcase [6d 3s 7s] [6s]SAMTHEBULL bets $3lostnutzcase calls $3*** 5TH STREET ***Dealt to SAMTHEBULL [9h Kc] [Qs]Dealt to lostnutzcase [6d 3s 7s 6s] [8s]SAMTHEBULL checkslostnutzcase checks*** 6TH STREET ***Dealt to SAMTHEBULL [9h Kc Qs] [Td]Dealt to lostnutzcase [6d 3s 7s 6s 8s] [Th]SAMTHEBULL bets $6lostnutzcase calls $6*** 7TH STREET ***Dealt to lostnutzcase [6d 3s 7s 6s 8s Th] [4s]SAMTHEBULL bets $6lostnutzcase raises to $12SAMTHEBULL raises to $18should I cap here or just call?
    bet 5th cap river.
  4. This concerns me. Sure splitting up the games into diffrent currencies is no problem for low and mid limit holdem but their isnt enough players in the other games to divide up the games among currencies. Like the sync breaks though.
    can you convert your roll to euro and let it sit and then cash out 6 months later?
  5. Full Tilt Poker Game #13565509697: Table Save (6 max) - $0.50/$1 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 4:07:37 ET - 2009/07/23Seat 1: mdtchoper ($40)Seat 2: Heruwejima ($211.30)Seat 3: dereeekho ($176.65)Seat 4: DaveE926 ($104.40)Seat 5: Kaluminati ($165.90)Seat 6: IPlayVeryTight ($289)DaveE926 posts the small blind of $0.50Kaluminati posts the big blind of $1The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to dereeekho [Ad 9c Qh Ah]IPlayVeryTight foldsHeruwejima calls $1dereeekho raises to $4.50DaveE926 foldsKaluminati foldsHeruwejima calls $3.50*** FLOP *** [8d 8c Ac]Heruwejima bets $3dereeekho calls $3*** TURN *** [8d 8c Ac] [Kd]Heruwejima bets $12dereeekho has 15 seconds left to actdereeekho has timed outdereeekho foldsdereeekho is sitting outUncalled bet of $12 returned to HeruwejimaHeruwejima mucksHeruwejima wins the pot ($16.50)*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $16.50 | Rake $0Board: [8d 8c Ac Kd]Seat 1: mdtchoper is sitting outSeat 2: Heruwejima collected ($16.50), muckedSeat 3: dereeekho (button) folded on the TurnSeat 4: DaveE926 (small blind) folded before the FlopSeat 5: Kaluminati (big blind) folded before the FlopSeat 6: IPlayVeryTight didn't bet (folded)nuff said.

  6. Stranger: 你结婚了吗?You: 没有,女朋友2年Stranger: 呵,,蛮佩服你的。。。Stranger: 好累,,,我先睡觉了,我们现在这边很晚了Stranger: 晚安了。。
    lol at leaving conversation after finding out you're in a stable relationship.
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