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  1. sorry if i sound like a dullard, but where do i find "the Negreanu open" on FCP. i looked under tourneys , and found nothing. will it come up later. am i just stupid. I vote the later. a little help would be wicked, as i would like to play.rack out with you cack out
  2. I cant find the table. Which one r they sittin' at?
  3. You just need to stay anywhere downtown. The Casino is a quick cab from St. Catherines St. and that is where you wanna be. That is where all the action is. I start at one end at the Peel Pub. $7 pitchers before 7 (only 10 bones after that) then bar hop down the strip till you get to Foufounes Electrique. A huge bar with a few levels and about 4 different sectons. A little on the hardcore side, if thats not for you, but that's where all the cool ladies are. Rock and/or Roll
  4. Do not like the addition of players and blinky triangles. What i Loved about this room was the cool, warm feel. No graphics. just cards, numbers, and black and blue. it dosen't lite a dark room like it did, hehe.now ther is more stimuli...like all the others.just a thought
  5. CLICK IT IT's FUNNYi know it's wrong but COME ON
  6. people must remember sex and love are two different things needed for different reasons. not saying this makes anything right, but who made the rules. we all govern ourselves. just a thought
  7. Sceriously. I dont like to put "boxes" around things, and like to bring up different points.So to that I say that what is the bigger crime? Cheating, or a working mom who puts her life into her family, not being "taken care of". We are after all, all animals. (although i dont know this woman, i'm just assuming for the point that she is otherwise scrupulous)just a though. makes for good discussionsrock and/or roll
  8. honestly, moms need fun, and she will find it elsewhere if she isn't gettin' it at home. so, it's up to weather or not you can look yourself in the mirror the next day. if so have fun. if not back off.rock and/or roll
  9. being Canadian rocks. gotta love that health care. but it will suck to the the "Canadians", as they haven't faired well against my Senators yet this year.rock and/or Roll
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