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  1. I am still awaiting notice of how many clubs I regularly passed while driving to a game >:[ (lol)Anyways, yea, that is a cool idea and everything, I will say this though, if you are charging "membership fees" (even if sake for legal issues), you should be sure to have a decent atmosphere. I also dare say regular security.Other than that, good luck if its in my area, I will definately check it out upon completion! Where is it at exactly in OH
  2. I am from NE Ohio and have been looking for cardrooms around forever.Where the hell was I when all these popped up?!If it's membership only, etc. How do you go about joining, it would be great to drive < 3 hours to play a decent game. Especially from Cleveland.PS. To OP and others that play around OH, What limits/games are played, or do you wish to offer? Feel free to PM me if you wish.
  3. Yeah, but the other person doesn't always flop a full house!That just may have been his point.
  4. I figured that I would just bump this post for all of you.Merry Christmas Smash
  5. i dont get itBasically everyone agrees that your existance is much less important than a fictional pokemon's existance (in card form)Better?
  6. Way to start a sweet topic. Charizard > zedd2005 imho.
  7. Figured I would bump this for good reason, I am heading out tomorrow morning. If any of you run into this, PM me for contact info, we can meet up.I also rented out a suite in casino on Wednesday for people that want to come by and party, I have some friends coming up and I decided to give a nice Christmas gift to them. It's a deluxe, and by floor plans it looks to be a little bigger than two rooms. Good deal if you ask me :)Hopefully I will run into somebody there! GL all on my off time. PS. If you see this late, I will be in the poker room with a blue track jacket or green hoodie. I will prob
  8. No problem.You learned a good lesson. Never listen to your friends, they are all idiots.
  9. Lyle or Steven is that you?! :-) Anyways, I am trying my hardest not to be an extremist here. I understand that profit is necessary. Your posts are really making it to look as if the WPT is a volunteer network of personalities all trying their hardest to bring poker to the people. You make money sir. The least you could do is allow players to have a legitimate shot to use their skill to win more money.
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