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  1. Wow, I thought collecting sports cards was dead. My parents use to own a sports card shop and I collected as a kid. Needless to say I have a tonne of cards and there is a lot of inventory left from the store (all pre 2000).
  2. Olga: The kids are hungry, they need to be fedVar: F*uck em, I am playing a Sit n GoOlga: Well I am playing a tournamentVar: Can't you feed them while you playOlga: NoVar: That's it, get rid of them, they are interferring with our pokerOlga: You suck at pokerVar: I know
  3. Didn't think top players are always broke and borrowing money. Mike was on Full Tilt and UB last night bumming money Phil Ivey.
  4. Anyone at the table can get an over button. If everyone that is in a pot after the flop has an over button then the bets double so 15-30 game is now 30-60.Example: If 4 players are in a pot and 3 have over buttons, limit stays at 15-30, if the one player without an over button folds, the limit now doubles to 30-60.
  5. Just wondering what people think about over buttons.I think they are suppose to make people play tighter, however I play at a sometimes pretty wild 15-30 game at a local casino and the maniac players (guys that have a lot of money and don't care about losing) get the over buttons just to build bigger pots.I do not usually play with over buttons, but what do you guys suggest? Should I use them? And again, just your input of what you think ovr buttons accomplish.
  6. I got his autograph and pictures with him and a bunch of other pros on the Poker Million Cruise. Daniel is definately cool about it, but I don't know about harassing him with tonnes of emails.
  7. Doesn't matter what OP did, all his chips were going in anyways. He beats big, raise, re-raise, and OP is all in. $21 bucks, who gives a shyt
  8. Sorry didn't realize this was just a fun game, thought you were actually serious when talking about your bad beats.Although it is just "LIES" anyways I mostly play:Online: 5-10,10-20, 5-10NLCasino: All 15-30 (5-10NL if the game is going)Does anyone play higher than 2-4 or 3-6 in this forum. Did not realize that all these posts I have been reading are from very very low limit games. Doesn't really help my game cause I find the two extremely different.
  9. Once I was playing .05-.10 and I got Aces and 12 of the 10 people at the table called (cause it was only .10 cents) and I lost. The pot was so big, like 3.50, I could not believe my aces lost and I lost all that money. Then I had to move to .01-.02 to build my bankroll back up, it took 15 years but now I am back at .05-.10..05-.10 Holdem LOL what a joke
  10. Exactly, and of course Ferguson has had more cashes, he has been playing probably 10 years longer than Ivey.
  11. Well top 3 hardest to play against:1. Phil Ivey - by far best tournament player in the world2. Gus Hansen3. Howard Lederer
  12. From what I hear DN just seems to always hit 2 pair or trips with 10 7. Just a coincidence, but hey, whatever works. I have won massive pots on a number of times with 9T suited, I will call raises almost every time, and raise in late position, especially in multi way pots. I think everyone just has "one of those hands" that hit a lot.
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