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  1. Something tells me you dreamed up this comeback 20 minutes later on the way to your Hyundai.
  2. Capping second nuts on the turn might be read-dependent, but the rest is pretty unfuckwithable.
  3. Nor, oftentimes, to a $4 or $10 raise. Which is what makes 6max so great. 14 on the turn, however. Bingo. Capping the turn and river with one pair = setting fire to money.
  4. I also felt the WPT cruise that Michael Gracz won had a lot of action and was fun to watch.
  5. Next time kill and restart the program in taskmgr.exe.
  6. Bull. The fact that checking down happens to be mutually beneficial most of the time does not cloud the issue. Players must decide independently what is in their best interest on every street. Deciding beforehand that you positively will not open a side pot no matter what comes on the board is pretty suspect in itself; communicating that plan to an opponent while the hand is live is plainly collusion. It's the equivalent of coming over the top of a shortstack's all-in and saying "let me take care of this one, I have a very good hand" and everyone behind him nodding and folding without looking
  7. h3 b0ugh7 1n f0r 0n3 m1ll10n b1tch0d0yl3 buy 1n f0r 500kdaniel alei, 0r wh4t3v3r h1s n4m3 b3 buy1n f0r 200k3v3ry1 3ls3 by f0r m1nimum, 100k300-600 Nl4ny1 else th1nk d4nny pl4y l1ke f1sh3 l4t3ly,d4nny bus1n3ss b0yh0p3 d4nny d0nt c0mpl3t3ly f0rg3t h0w pl4y b4 p0pular1y of g4m3 subs1d3Do children these days really write this way?Nice Middle English reference, though: "Doyle buy in for sook."
  8. I wouldn't call two cold on the flop against unknowns. Why?
  9. Nice. I can't wait to be the first at my local cardroom to say this."RASPUTINED AGAIN!"
  10. I can't imagine that's going to go over well with Barry.
  11. We need to know the size of the pot relative to their stacks. Calling was probably fine here.
  12. I've been claiming that for a while too. It's not that he's a bad player or that he "has lost focus" its just the odds are astronomical these days to make a final table. He did well while it was much easier and now, he should just stick to the "big game" where they just pass money back and forth.DN, like most of the other "pros" are HAS-BEENS. Thats why they want to start their own "league" so that they can continue to be on TV and whatnot. I don't care to see them, personally. I want to see no-names and people I can relate to - I can't relate to DN or Hellmuth or the Mouth - So I'm glad
  13. Anyone care to speculate on whether Gene zzz is in fact Gene Ray of timecube fame?
  14. i think he is serious.i don't know whether to laugh or to cry.i laughed, then criedI laughed so hard that I cried. Then vice versa.
  15. It's sad to see how few of you are familiar with Dr. Assklnky's Foundational Axiom of Poker.I will try to put it in layman's terms. When opponents respect our raises, we win pots. When opponents fail to respect our raises, we lose pots.It is this basic truth which prevents any solid poker player from profiting at the micros.The OP's conclusion about moving up in limits is obviously correct, and those who object on the grounds of "bankroll management" and "experience" have no grasp of the Foundational Axiom.Once a player makes his presence known at a higher limit table by showing down one or tw
  16. I ran klmcodec138.exe. I did a custom install and accepted most of the defaults. I decided to associate the player(s) in that package with all the major video file extensions (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov) on my hard drive, although that's optional. This was a while back.Earlier today I downloaded the WCOOP as a 639,690KB AVI file that ran perfectly in Media Player Classic, which is the default player with that package.What precisely is happening when you try to play the video? What program are you loading it into? Do you see error messages?
  17. Fluffdog:I finally got 2005 Pokerstars WCOOP Internet Championship.divx.DRpoker.avi through the torrent. It plays fine using my current installation of MCP/MPC. Either your torrent download of the video screwed up, or you didn't install the software properly.
  18. Having not seen the video I can't say for sure, but I recommend you download Mega Codec Pack and the free media player. It plays basically everything.http://home.hccnet.nl/h.edskes/codecpack.htm#klmcodec
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