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  1. SI is reporting that A-rod is opting out of his contract.
  2. How it's played I get it all in as well. That raise doesn't scream JT.
  3. I raise as well given that board to about $12-14.If you change cards to not include flush draw im 70/30 raise/call.
  4. Anywhere from 10-50 depending on how much risk you want.Most players want it around the 20-25 range.Max buyin.
  5. It's exactly how I play KQ. There's almost no reason NOT to overbet river on that board if you hold KQ.Still have to call though.
  6. Team looked very good in exhibition today. They were very unselfish and had good ball movement. Should be fun to watch all season.
  7. I could list a bunch of tracks, but I think it'd be more reasonable to give you this site.www.bassdrive.com look for times when the DJ's are playing. The play good DnB like the last track, and they will usually let you know what they're playing. If you don't know you can go to irc.bassdrive.com #bassdrive and ask in there.
  8. Let me know if you like this.
  9. meh, the recruiting class isn't as loaded as it has been in years prior, I'm thankful for that. Pats will still have a great season. Nothing else to add except to back up Flushgarden, he's not the only pats fan on these forums.
  10. I'm raising every day here, like you said worst case scenario you have redraws.
  11. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t50 (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)SB (t3795)BB (t5520)Hero (t5655)UTG+1 (t8715)MP1 (t2750)MP2 (t11310)MP3 (t3770)CO (t7385)Button (t6340)Preflop: Hero is UTG with Q , Q . Hero raises to t150, 6 folds, SB calls t125, 1 fold.Flop: (t350) 9 , 2 , J (2 players)SB checks, Hero bets t250, SB calls t250.Turn: (t850) 3 (2 players)SB checks, Hero bets t600, SB calls t600.River: (t2050) J (2 players)SB checks, Hero ?
  12. Actuary, I actually disagree with you.Yes you can play more hands per hour, and multi table with a lower rake, but play live is ALOT worse than online. You will get payed off alot more on your big hands, and can get a much better feel for your table (especially quicker than you can online). I wholeheartedly believe that .25/.50 online plays like 5/10 live (less nittish of course, but overall skill). As long as your BR isn't limited you can play much higher live than you can online and expect to have equal or better success over the same span of hands, granted they won't come as fast. I thi
  13. I check behind. Might be weak but I'm set mining after the preflop action.
  14. well now you have a very valid point. I'd be set hunting preflop, but even with TT I might be raising out of the blinds. There's still a good chance you'll get all undercards. As you go with 99-22 that definitely changes especially the farther you go down.I understand the reasoning behind not raising, you're giving odds for everything to chase once the flop comes out, but I think using AA as an example wasn't the best choice.and thanks for the compliment about the avatar .
  15. foxwood is still $5 for time, but now max $300 buyin.
  16. Check out the limit section in supersystem 2. Jen did a great job. I also disagree with Ghostlove and i'm a winning LHE player .25/.50 all the way to 10/20.Limit is a game of small edges, if you aren't taking advantage of every edge you get then you aren't maximizing your profits.I think my biggest tip for a new LHE player that isn't as experienced is don't fold moderate hands to a single bet on the river. I see that all the time by novice players. You have to be correct 8/10 or sometimes 9/10 times for that play to be correct, and I can assure you you will snap off a bluff or lower streng
  17. live is always a blast win or lose. I'd advise doing cash games instead, but if you're better at tourneys I understand.I'd pick foxwoods, but do your best to avoid anybody matching the description of FWP.
  18. The fact that this is live makes it an even easier push / raise preflop.People overplay hands preflop ALOT more live than online.For instance: I have AA utg, and raise to 5x (normal raise for table), MP re-raises 15x, LP calls, I re-raise to 45x - Both call.Flop Ad 8c 5dI push all in, both call.One tables A9o, other shows Q7dd. You WILL get payed off playing your Aces fast live.
  19. Internet Relay Chat.Pretty exciting stuff.It's basically a chat room for cool people.- Damn you Wandigo, im too slow I guess.
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