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  1. So typical PokerStars Game #15863045282: Tournament #79246462, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (100/200) - 2008/03/09 - 18:08:43 (ET)Table '79246462 823' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: randiRandy (9725 in chips) Seat 2: SheilaShark (12175 in chips) Seat 3: Mstr Spock (8150 in chips) Seat 4: hateme2007 (5050 in chips) Seat 5: pong1092 (9975 in chips) Seat 6: daisyjubilee (11175 in chips) Seat 7: anytwocanwin (10750 in chips) Seat 8: steve bellem (13675 in chips) Seat 9: hugo8888 (9250 in chips) is sitting outpong1092: posts small blind 100daisyjubilee: posts big blind 200*** HOLE CARD
  2. And I am out AQ Vs AK damn the fact that this wasn't online and I would have won. Now going to enjoy the tourney gl all still in
  3. I didn't hear him at all today was really surprised to hear he was still in. I figured he got knocked out early and just didnt make a sound. Nah it was just annoying because the people watching him were standing right over me and my table. I gained even more respect for him then I already had because people asked him for pictures while he was sitting there playing and I would have to told the people to F* off. Also they get swarmed during the breaks and I am running to go get a smoke and would not be nice to the people who got in the way of that.Who else is playing tomorrow?
  4. Finished the day at $28,500 after playing some horrible poker. Don't even want to talk about it. I was at table 1 which was next to DN and DN had so damn many annoying fans.
  5. I am at table 59 seat 4. It looked like they broke the highest tables first yesterday so I will be moving fairly quickly.
  6. I am about to go down there to find out my table line up for tomorrow. I am sure it will have DN and Barry G at the same table. But if yall want me to check on someone I can if you know the table he is at.
  7. I will go back in an hour or two and check and see how he is doing then. Here is a photo of what all came in the poker star bag they gave us. JacketT-ShirtPolo ShirtTwo Hats- One baseball and one millitary styleSoccer BallTwo Decks of CardsA towelDuffel BagBeach Tote BagTwo decks of cardstwo passes to the closing partyand a Poker Chip that is also a 1gb usb flash drive that has a best hands of the EPT
  8. On my way down I almost run into Raymer because I am not paying attention to where I am going and I dodge him and almost run into Barry G. Then as I was turning a corner 12 ZeeJustins almost ran into me. It was only one Zee but that isn't as much fun as 12. Anyways on to the reportMoneymaker looked to be at 20k so he doubled up somehow I just missed the break so I didn't get to talk to him.Dapper was a really nice guy. He was raking in a pot when I talked to him. Even thou he was raking in a pot he stopped and counted all his chips which was a bunch of $25 and $100 dollar chips. I am pretty s
  9. Running down there now to check on Dapper for yall then coming back and taking a nap.
  10. 15 User(s) are reading this topic (7 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)8 Members: tskillz187, DanielNegreanu, TwstdWrstr, pong1092, KentuckySlim, Jackets1407, Tehtoe, Waffles2003DN why don't you do the dirty work for me and find these people for me. PS. dont knock me out tomorrow
  11. I am going to run down there in 30 minutes or so. I will look for him then. Is a "bates" hat just a hat that says bates on it?
  12. Real Names on these people would help and then I can look up there opening tables if they have moved its going to be hard to find them.
  13. Talked to Moneymaker for a second he is around 10k after the first break. ******* doesn't remember after I have met him 5 different times and was a tournament director for a charity tourney he won. He looked/sounded like he was hungover or still coked up. If people tell me table and seat numbers and what they look like I'll run down there in a little bit and get a chip update for you.
  14. I am stuck in the Fort Lauderdale airport till my 730am flight this sucks. Atleast they have free wifi.
  15. I get in on Saturday morning. Let me know if yall do a meet up.
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