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  1. Just walked over to Noodles only to find out it is closed for maintenence til' Mon. @ 11am. as;s;alsjdflasfjjfdj;sld!That being said, I will be there Monday for the $1500, and noodles.
  2. QFTI arrive tomorrow and wouldn't mind eating there all 7 days.
  3. How many of us will be out there? Dec 1-7 here, and possibly back 10-? if i satty to ME.Gotta go to San Diego for best friends wedding 8th-10th or else I'd just stay.PS. If I still lived in Chicago I'd be at this game.
  4. ty. need it, I got crushed on an 0/35 run right before this. With the 1k FTOPS and 300r it added up quick! But the PCA package kinda makes up for it too. gl this week, off to Thanksgiving.
  5. I dont know how to answer that. Who am I?
  6. MY GOD. cant get the HH. but standard raise from MP w/ JJ, BB calls. flop 7 hi he shoves. I call. 74o vs my JJ. river 7 obv.so sick 9th.ty all. sigh.
  7. Will be there for Dec. 1-7 for some prelims and nightlys. Best friend getting married in San Diego on the 9th. Obv will be back for ME if I satty in. If not, back home for me.
  8. Turbo hundo on Full tilt. $109 buy in...finished 4th for $1920
  9. ty....two final table rail calls today...two 4th place finishes...sigh. 2k ok though.
  10. out. min cashed 550th. sb limp trapped me w/ AA.gl all.
  11. tyvm!still feel like I lost about 12k, really wanted that 1st.
  12. sigh...out 4th for about $5kPokerStars Game #13324596635: Tournament #66750714, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (6000/12000) - 2007/11/18 - 18:31:42 (ET)Table '66750714 42' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 2: jpmetalman (470943 in chips) Seat 6: drood (488255 in chips) Seat 7: razzinu (861296 in chips) Seat 9: bearw8 (321506 in chips) jpmetalman: posts the ante 1200drood: posts the ante 1200razzinu: posts the ante 1200bearw8: posts the ante 1200bearw8: posts small blind 6000jpmetalman: posts big blind 12000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to bearw8 [Qs Qh]drood: raises 17999 to 29999razzinu: folds
  13. Actually...I feel bad for even saying that. Frustration obv, Im a Buckley fan. Bad taste by me.
  14. Jeff Buckley had better luck on the river.
  15. If I had the HH Id post but FTP and Vista dont get along.Reraised from sb with KK. get called. 834 flop. bet. get flat called. 17k in pot. hes got 7500. 9 on turn. shove, hes got TT. river T.next hand re-raise all in 77. get called by AT. good til river again. from 1 card away from 41k. to out in two hands.gg me.
  16. I was just venting about the last 15 mins lol. Its been tough. I haven't really been able to chip up, but have maintained. So w/e
  17. Action Jeff, mman_status, mhrepsick preflop action table
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