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  1. That was in real time...as I was typing. So the LOL is apprreciated, and desereved.
  2. I needed a same day passport in October...Regional passport offices in driving distance are clutch for ppl who dont like to plan ahead. Its more fun that way.Im sitting in the terminal waitng to board my delayed flight. Lets make an FCP meet-up happen tonight. I just spilled starbucks on my shirt, I'll be easy to spot.
  3. Back in early 2006, when I was playing often and more active on FCP, I remember playing the 2pm $26's on FTP w/ GMJ. I pretty much stopped playing online in Sept. 2006 but still read the forums. When I saw GMJ's sick run last spring, it motivated me to get back to playing (which I did on 6/1) That being said, ty GMJ for running like god, and I definetly nominate him for any "breakout" type category if there is one. gl to all FCP in 2008.
  4. Well since you aren't coming I guess I'll have to settle.
  5. Are we setting an FCP meet up? If so lets get an idea of when/where...Im going alone, and I need to make friends
  6. Get in @ 3pm tomorrow (fri) FCP meet up fo sho
  7. "I'll just win PCA...I'll just win PCA...I'll just win PCA"
  8. thanks, the streak of FT's w\ a finish between 4-9 grows to 16.puke.
  9. To stop Final tabling only to finish 4th-9th. Seriously like 15 final tables in a row I've done this now. And I just did it again...7th. Sigh.
  10. Fill it out there. Hope you made your apt. for as early as possible. No matter when your apt. is, get there as early as you can. I got there at 7am and was still 12th in line, but since the first 11 didnt have an apt. I became first when they opened.Oh, and bring EXACT cash payment. They wont make change. An the cafeteria wont either...unless you buy $5 worth of coffee for the next 6 ppl in line I made friends.
  11. I did the same day passport thing a couple moths ago. If you have questions I can answer them, I think I hit every snag possible. I assume you are going to the Miami office?
  12. To PCA, yes. Been to Atlantis before though. You and Bax want to meet up Fri night?
  13. Arrive @ 3pm on Friday, yes coming from Orlando.
  14. Im day 1B. Strange, I thought there would be more wanting 1A with 1B being a Sunday and all.
  15. Overdue. Congtrats!!!!!! My turn?
  16. last two nights here...haven't met any FCP'ers except Waco and XTracey (Obv, as I am staying @ PJ's...She's one hell of a cook BTW) We'll be at Bellagio tonight for the $1k @ 7:15 if anyone else is down.
  17. gl me and gl XTracey in Mulligan FT!
  18. meh, already back in Henderson. Online tomorrow, it'll have to wait til Monday.
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