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  1. gg in out match. What did you have on my ATo hand craziness?
  2. odd play by him pre...just calling there, but I think hes gotta call me flop all-in. just an unlucky turn.ty for the rail.
  3. that 38k was sopposed to be 28k, but same result either way
  4. For the sake of making people laugh, someone please remember to do this.
  5. OBV this is all POST FLOP w/ 2 pair.
  6. gl me. I lost connection 3 times in this.
  7. flopped flush over flush in both warm-up and 109. still in brawl.
  8. Busto. Chipped up without a showdown, even when 3 bet the table chipleader. Got up to about 26k and then got caught with nothing, twice. Had 9300 left at 600/1200/150 and open pushed with KQo.Somehow got looked up by A3o and the two faces that hit the board were J's....tease.Finished somewhere around 400 of the 1136.Im gonna go sit on that beach over there now and charge the hell outta my room.Gl all still in.
  9. Never heard of him.Finished @ 20150. Was down to 9500 twice. Weird day.
  10. in the lobby but about to leave obv.... BTW I that time of my post is NOT when I posted!
  11. and???????????????? Start tomorrow, day 1b.
  12. Ill be @ the pool wearing a fruity drink that will be sporting an umbrella. dont come say hi...stay in the tournament and I'll come say hi after the sun goes down.P.S Just heard we are starting 7 handed?
  13. Will still be here at the bar....Day 1b FTW!!!!!
  14. 2413 Coarl tower...but in the lobby where the wi-fi is. On Aim
  15. Cool, I'll post my room # and my AIM is the same name so that'll work too.
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