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  1. a) thought you were still mad at me for the $1k WCOOP 33 call.b ) I think there is valid argument for each option here. However, it being very early in a well structured tournament AND we are OOP I tend to lean toward calling and re-eval on flop. Also given read/image I dont see you being better than a flip (ie hes not holding Ax where x<K. Reshoving could push him off JJ but why gambool this early when you said the structure is a good one.c) I only skimmed over the info and I could be missing a point or two, so disregard if this all sounds idiotic.d)gl today
  2. out of brawl, 81st. gl gibler.If I type anything else right now I might get banned. SFPO
  3. Actually sounds like a good prop bet. Go to a bar in head to toe FTP gear and pick up.I have a friend who I rarely see w/o wearing poker site apperal. I make fun of him all the time. He got married so I guess picking up isnt a worry for him. Pro knock-out shirts make good pajama shirts imo.I gotta say though, the hat they sent is pretty nice.
  4. So I've gotten random UPS Shipments/confirmations from FTP this week. Im not complaining, but just wondered if anyone else was also slowly receiving new things to wear around the house. So far its been an FTOPS hat, and I have been e-mailed two more UPS notifications, scheduled to arrive 2/25 and 2/28...all showing different weights. I know they did promos for FTOPS participants before, but I barely played this FTOPS...although I played most of the last series and the way FTP ships, this could be from FTOPS VI. Anyone know anything?
  5. Forgot the $109.oh, and I make good calls and run bad:PokerStars Game #15351611814: Tournament #76752504, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level V (200/400) - 2008/02/17 - 14:05:57 (ET)Table '76752504 348' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: SUPERKAKà (23590 in chips) Seat 2: LVSnider (10425 in chips) Seat 3: PAGGIOLONE (18450 in chips) Seat 4: alex10620 (14655 in chips) Seat 5: coopocoop (15680 in chips) Seat 6: bearw8 (11550 in chips) Seat 7: veritedefoli (20865 in chips) Seat 8: hi3pnotic (14500 in chips) Seat 9: jaytheo40 (7300 in chips) coopocoop: posts small blind 200bearw8: posts big blind 40
  6. I agree. >50% of rail should have chat ban for discussing hands in play.oh and go BK, obv.
  7. Posting with full intention of doing this. I think DDG knows I'm good for it.Radio show? I'm so clueless.
  8. In for these only today. Ahhhhh, a cheap Sunday.
  9. oh, did i just get owned by myself?
  10. lol @ balla.I got the flu. Lost my Tivo remote (which u can only order). Im stuck on ESPN, and NBA is lacking IMO. Im bored as hell. Ive watched 2 seasons of Law & Order for god sake. I saw a 4.40 about to go so i said wth.
  11. wow, totally random.that is all.Ryland1989: learn ur placeRyland1989: just turn the chat offbearw8: um, okRyland1989: im noting you as " solid " and thats all the respect ur getting outta meRyland1989: gl ttylbearw8: ill take a screen shot of that and keep it for motivationRyland1989: you would if you had any idea who I ambearw8: sigh, i do, i do
  12. 3rd for $2875All in pre ATcc vs QTo (red)Flop was Q hi w/ 2 clubs, turn a J....still brick it.and the guy I called shoved 99% of the time on my BB....the one time I walk, I had AA.
  13. PokerStars Game #14780194947: Tournament #74369341, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (800/1600) - 2008/01/23 - 23:43:46 (ET)Table '74369341 2' 6-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 4: bearw8 (76356 in chips) Seat 6: Omnipotent (172644 in chips) bearw8: posts the ante 150Omnipotent: posts the ante 150Omnipotent: posts small blind 800bearw8: posts big blind 1600*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to bearw8 [6c 6s]Omnipotent: raises 3200 to 4800bearw8: raises 9600 to 14400Omnipotent: raises 158094 to 172494 and is all-inbearw8: calls 61806 and is all-in*** FLOP *** [Kc 2c Js]*** TURN *** [Kc 2c Js] [2s]*** RIV
  14. Come join me for I just bought a kegeratorments!
  15. why do i put myself thorough this again and again?
  16. I'll be in.... but lol @ this being at least a 2 page thread before it starts.
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