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  1. $5.00 sit and go, only a couple hands in so no reads at all. Seat 1: hank123123 ($1,440 in chips) Seat 2: fattycat2 ($1,825 in chips) Seat 3: RagingBull88 ($1,500 in chips) Seat 4: BigBloom ($1,500 in chips) Seat 5: Wireless124 ($1,480 in chips) Seat 6: CanadaBacon [KD,KC] ($1,500 in chips) Seat 7: bingboing ($1,315 in chips) Seat 8: HEAD-DOGG ($1,440 in chips) Seat 9: .TC. ($1,500 in chips) Seat 10: NamTastic ($1,500 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSHEAD-DOGG posts blind ($10), .TC. posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPNamTastic folds, hank123123 calls $20, fattycat2 calls $20, RagingBull88 folds, Big
  2. Thanks for the replies, This gave me an idea of what could have been done with this hand. Most importantly I realize that i most likely played it wrong from pre-flop and I didnt even think of that before. Buy the way, I chose to push all in and he even had to think about it before calling. Of course he did since it was only 4k more and caught a flush on the river. So My guess that I had him beat was right this time, but putting all my chips on the line at this point against a draw and overcards may not have been the smartest thing to do
  3. One player was between 40-50k, one was around 24k and the other around 30k, I may be off a bit on these numbers since I'm going by memory but its very close. Next time I dont think I'll post without a hand history, but this particular hand has left me wondering what the right thing to do is for the past couple days Also I just noticed I said he checked, this is incorrect. He limped in first position to my right.
  4. Here's the situation, 5.00+.50 Mtt on pokerroom. there are five people left and I am in third position with 35k chips. (Sorry theres no hand history but it was a couple days ago and I cant seem to pull it up) Anyways, the table seems very solid, not to tight but not really lose with one exception......the chip leader with about 85k who loved to steal blinds and call almost every small raise to put you all in on the flop. Blinds are 1k/2k and I am dealt pocket 9's and bet in mid possition to 6k, all fold except the chip leader Who checked before me pre-flop. As soon as he called I knew I had to
  5. I'm not in the Partypoker tourny, but just about to start the pokerstars $500,000. Good luck to you guys :-) Inferno
  6. I love hockey, and am interested in the topic.... But seriously, they exhausted all that there is to say long ago. Get on with the poker!! :x
  7. I've been watching Zimmer's table. It's been a wild ride for sure. :-)
  8. Thats a great story, congrats on the win! Although I am surprised that these games are allowed to continue out in the open like that. Surely someone must have complained by now.
  9. Inferno

    memorial cup...

    Thats an understatement London had nothing less than a dream season. I belive they won 79 out of 90 games this year. I was lucky enough to get some tickets to the rangers games this year, to bad they didnt do so well against the knights
  10. I stumbled across this site a couple days ago and have been reading it everyday since. My thought is, why not join in on the fun? So a BIG hello to everyone, I hope to learn alot since most everyone here is a more advanced played than myself. A little about myself. I only started playing poker about six months ago, hold em playmoney online. I was addicted almost immediatly and spent almost all of my time in tournaments. It was about a month ago that I started playing for real money at very low limit ring games like .01/.02 and .05/.10 tables. I now frequent the .25/.50 and .50/1.00 tables and
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