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  1. Nice touch! one of my favorites for sure, along with DN on the throne This thread has been hilarious so far, keep them comin.
  2. I also enjoy playing freerolls alot. PStars is pretty good because it's not always holdem but they are not all that frequent and a whole lot of effort and time to qualify for the tourney that really pays money. The best site I have found yet is pokerchamps. It's an all in donk fest with a super fast structure and a lot of fun. They run very frequent all day each has 1500 people max with 28 paid. Not much money of course but not many freerolls are. Thats my plug for Gus's site but I would'nt suggest playing much other than the freerolls there.
  3. Cheap Thieves rookie of the year!
  4. 33+R wsop main event satellite online, I'm down to around 900 chips and blinds are 300/600. I built back up and took third place but the prize pool only paid on seat.
  5. Not trying to run to anyone's defence here but I do not believe that Cen needs to relax, I believe it is you that needs to take that advice. You decided to make a post on a forum that you must have known would meet some resistance yet you still get upset when people disagree. If you want to make statements where noone can make comments on what you say then i suggest creating a blog. Posting on this forum will generate discussion that may or may not be what you want to hear. To answer your question.................. NO
  6. This is what I use, and it works out very close giving you a good idea of what your odds are. I'm no mathematician so simple methods like this are great for me :-)
  7. I saw that, didnt think it was a bluff though. Good job!
  8. And I'm out Very little for cards, and didnt play that well either. Last hand my AK lost to A3 but thats ok theres always next time.
  9. I promise I will next time I join one :-) Down to 3k, the cards are running cold right now.
  10. Anyone else in this one? This is my first deepstack so it's exciting for me Was up a couple hundred first hand with jacks then fell just below 3k when my aces got cracked by jacks. Now at 3500 at first break.
  11. I have followed the same theory with starting out posting, although it is taking me a very long time :-) So far no flames but if it happens and I deserve it, I'll be the first one to admit it. Some people are overly concerned with post counts and Veteran status, but that's ok there's nothing really wrong with that. I'm sure most of us with low counts are looking forward to raising them so we dont have to tread so lightly :-)
  12. I have some problems late in mtt's aswell. Some good play can get me near the end, but one or two bad plays bust me just before the bubble. For instance the other day in a 10+1 rebuy, 120 left 81 spots paid. I'm small blind(800) with 25,000 chips, the BB(1600) is a fairly solid player with about 37,000 chips. I have K 10 and try to steal raising it up to 4800, He thinks about it a little and calls. The flop comes 10 7 2 rainbow and I put out a bet of 7k. The BB pushes all in and I think about it a while and decided that I needed to gamble to build my stack and make a good run for the money. S
  13. "Since I have ten high, there's probably no way I'm gonna fold" I'm gonna have to make that my signature
  14. Way to go!Sometimes the win is worth much more than the prize, so keep it up and take down more tournies :-)
  15. He's getting pushed around by two donkeys who may even think that its good big stack play, but its awful!Blacha's raise comes with the biggest stack behind him and a raise in front of him...thats no time to play games with a median stack at the table and probably overall in the tourney. Bigpaul, who we have solid evidence of being an idiot probably does think calling a limper and two raises is good big stack play...I hope you dont!I still think a more aggressive bet is called for. Id rather see an all-in than a $100 raise. All the $100 is likely to do is make the flop much more difficult to p
  16. I was hoping for a little more discussion on this before posting the results (not that they matter much) I'm guessing that it's because it is an easier decission than I think. In my opinion most people over value AK, but I think I under value them.PokerStars Game #2816690799: Tournament #13507917, Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2005/10/16 - 09:39:37 (ET)Table '13507917 13' Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Sedd (1085 in chips) Seat 2: twg 1 (950 in chips) Seat 3: BlaCha (4630 in chips) Seat 4: Sundance5 (890 in chips) Seat 5: ADCCDS (7035 in chips) Seat 6: bigpaul456 (5145 in chips) Seat 7:
  17. WOW! It's hard to belive that people go through this much effort just to fool themselves.
  18. PokerStars Game #2816690799: Tournament #13507917, Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2005/10/16 - 09:39:37 (ET)Table '13507917 13' Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Sedd (1085 in chips) Seat 2: twg 1 (950 in chips) Seat 3: BlaCha (4630 in chips) Seat 4: Sundance5 (890 in chips) Seat 5: ADCCDS (7035 in chips) Seat 6: bigpaul456 (5145 in chips) Seat 7: aidafeek (3360 in chips) Seat 8: webbion (5375 in chips) Seat 9: KevinB75 (3500 in chips) bigpaul456: posts small blind 25aidafeek: posts big blind 50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Sedd [Ks Ad]webbion: folds KevinB75: calls 50Sedd: raises 100 to 150tw
  19. Congrats! Back to the re-steals huh? :wink:
  20. NH! It's nice to get a loose call like that :-)
  21. Posts like yours are a real bore, you probably already know that though. Like anyone else that felt the need to post this garbage, take the advise they were given......If you dont like it, Dont read it!
  22. I have been watching, that was a great hand :-)
  23. Yeah... I'm in but I can't re-buy or add on...got to get lucky 1st hour :)But with 30 minute blinds and 2500 chips I'm not worried....yet...gl allIm watching a couple tables and everyone seems to be in a race to get their chips in the middle (not that its uncommon in a rebuy) You need to just wait it out for a huge hand then let them throw the chips at you. There should be plenty of time with this structure. Oh and good luck all :-) I hope one of you take it down.
  24. If your table was short handed with about six or less people, I think pushing is a good option. In a full ring in late position following an all-in and a re-raise.....this feels like a pretty easy fold to me. The all-in is most likely putting his chips in with any ace, or any pair so you may be in a coin flip with him but it may be worth the risk to knock him out. The re-raiser you really need to watch out for, unless you have seen him pull isolation plays with marginal hands like AQ,AJ, or small pocket pairs, then I would assume a stong hand and not commit a large portion of my stack to this
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