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  1. For violating Gambling Laws, Banking Laws and possibly Internal Revenue regulations :icon_dance:Probably could.
  2. With a semi-bluff you are not just trying to get them to fold you are calculating that you are Plus EV whichever way they go.When you are semi-bluffing you are looking at two things.1. Chance they will fold and you will win the Current Pot2. Chance they call and you win the larger pot The nice part is that If they will only play top hands then they fold more often, so you pick up the current pot more offten If they play a wider range of hands then you have a better chance when they do call.
  3. Not disagreeing just want to dissect and refine the logic.What range of hands do you put the villain on?To be honest I was surprised that a very loose range of Any Ace, Any Pair, Any Heart Heart is 55% on the flop POKERSTOVE ANALYSIS 198,000 games 0.032 secs 6,187,500 games/secBoard: Ah Ad 5hDead: equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 45.342% 45.02% 00.32% 89147 630.00 { QcQh }Hand 1: 54.658% 54.34% 00.32% 107593 630.00 { 22+, A2s+, KhQh, KhJh, KhTh, Kh9h, Kh8h, Kh7h, Kh6h, Kh5h, Kh4h, Kh3h, Kh2h, QhJh, QhTh, Qh9h, Qh8h,
  4. f you are going out of every tournament with hands like this you are doing well. Just "Wrong!" not very helpful. Were you trying for minimum verbosity (obscure Zork reference) Of course it is wrong but it is also right, as I would state that every statement in poker, that does not have a limiting caveat added to it, is bot right and wrong.I was making the point that good players generally go out of tournaments on hands where there was a reasonable expectation of being ahead. Or more accurately they made a good play against a range of hands. Good players often make G-bucks but loose the a
  5. Would you have played differently if you knew they were a below average player?If you are going out of every tournament with hands like this you are doing well.
  6. I know it couldn't be done but it would be interesting if the bounties were based on the rankings from the previous quarter. 1 Figger $102 *MELINA 07* $103 rcgs59 $104 seacucumber1 $55 DiamondDixi $56 troyomac $57 sergetoronto $58 kobe2odom8 $59 MattN $59 r23y $5The fact that this would favour newbies to the Nego is a happy coincedence.
  7. Are you sure you are talking about playing poker?
  8. Can anybody tell me why I spend the time to get to the FT and then make a stupid play.
  9. You need to learn by1. Playing hands2. Reading/Watching3. CoachingWatch your bankroll management. Below is a bankroll outline I copied from a websiteStart a little in the freeroll/play money just to get a feel for the software(If you can't win at play money then keep playing play money)However play money is not real poker.Try the lowest levels of buy in and move up when you feel conffident.At the lower levels just play ABC poker and be patient.Review your own play constantly.And watch your Bankroll management, If you start to bleed then move down a level.Bankroll ManagementRules of thumb...D
  10. Obviously DN is talking about betting in the games he is used to playing. How much you bet depends hugely on the players you are playing. Especially at low stakes.Everyone has been on the table with the guy who will call your 5X rr with K8sWe have also been on a table/situation where if you bet 2X everybody will fold anything that is not JJ+Knowing what your opponent is thinking is probably DN bifggest asset and he will bet to maximize profits and minimize losses against a specific player.If you can't read your opponents well then bet your good hands big and only go in with big hands.
  11. I'll take all of my freinds to a Cubs World Series.(Please insert your joke below)
  12. Price point for a 23 inch monitor is about $160 22 inch go on sale for around $100 sometimesGoing to pay extra for anything over 24.If you get (or build a desktop) any decent graphics card should have a dual outputOnline poker apps don't need very good specs. Lower end machine with a dual output graphics card should do it.(Install two if you need quad screens)
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