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  1. This forum rocks.Mmmmmmm Shania Twain! Don't think she's vegan though.And for the record, God, pork >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> beef.Fressen is out. Service is horrible per web reviews.
  2. Title and description pretty much say it all.I'm entertaining a VIP in Toronto next weekend who is also vegan. I'd like to take her to an amazing restaurant and price is no barrier.Any insight anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
  3. How did I miss value? I was all-in on the river.The only way I miss value is if he's behind and stops betting. If I shove and he's ahead, it's same result as calling him down. If I shove and he's behind, he folds. There is no way this guy with a 5.0 AF calls my shove on any street with anything less than Ah or Kh.
  4. As I asked above, what does a flop shove do for us?What better hand folds? What worse hand calls?Remember that this guy has a 5.0 AF. If he can't take the lead after the flop, he folds.
  5. What do you think his range is when he slows down on the turn?What if the 4h is the 4c instead? What does that do for us? What hands that we're appreciably ahead of call? What better hands fold?
  6. Looking for thoughs (more detail than fold/call/raise/shove) on all streets.Villain is 35/35/5.0 over 47 hands. My read supports his stats - he loves to take the lead.UTG: $4.65CO: $54.80Hero (BTN): $48.75SB: $25.00BB: $10.20Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is BTN with Qh Qc1 fold, CO raises to $0.75, Hero raises to $3, 2 folds, CO calls $2.25Flop: ($6.35) 7h 2h Th (2 players)CO checks, Hero bets $4.00, CO raises to $10, Hero calls $6Turn: ($26.35) 4h (2 players)CO bets $13.00, Hero calls $13River: ($52.35) Ad (2 players)CO bets $28.80, Hero calls
  7. Yes, if all of the following conditions were true...1) It's heads-up2) I have recently held to a pattern of raising with big hands and limping with moderate ones (almost never when heads up, eh?)3) I believe my opponent has picked up on that pattern4) My opponent has a habit of betting and raising consistently regardless what he holds, and i don't mean minbets / raises either, i mean enough that i believe I can stack him5) My opponent has shown a propensity to disbelieve me when I limp PF then bet / raise later6) I had 2 black kings (randomizer)All that and I might limp 'em. Otherwise I want
  8. FYPSeriously though... why the hell did you play JT from middle position for a 7x raise?More seriously, do you play online? If so, which sites and what's your screen name?
  9. I usually just tune in to the local rock station.If I'm in a particularly cranky mood, I'll switch over to my Maynard James Keenan playlist.And I hate you cortster for beating me to the his girlfriend giving me head too comment.
  10. Today's Christians make Baby Jesus cry. :shock:
  11. This implies that the host wants you to get the car. You don't know this. He may be trying to direct you away from the car.Once Door 3 is opened to reveal no car, your odds are 50/50. It doesn't matter which side of the coin you choose, it won't make you any more likely to get the right one.Unless you're getting more information than what's behind door 3 from somewhere you haven't described.
  12. Don't suppose any of the local Detroit casinos post their tourney schedules online?Last time I visited their web sites, they were woefully lacking any real information. About the only thing they had for poker was, "Come play Carribean Stud!!! Give the House all your money!!! Worse odds than Blackjack!!!".
  13. 9 or 10 seats?Doesn't much matter... they're making $108 to $120 an hour spreading $100 NL. They damn well better have Cheetas babes under the table for that sort of rate.I fold.
  14. Matusow picked him apart.Negranu > Matusow >> WoolfAgain, won't even be close.
  15. How do the NL100 tables at Casino Windsor work for rake? I heard it was a (ridiculously high) flat fee per 1/2 hour?
  16. i browse here until i find a post by miss idaho then crank one out to her avataractually, i don't tilt. i love paying the donks off on their two-outers. i only get pissed off when they leave the table right away afterwards. :roll:
  17. Reading for comprehension.Daniel was playing his "nutbar" game, which means he isn't folding preflop.If you're afraid of a big stacked pro playing like a maniac at your table, then piss your pants like a good little poodle and walk away.
  18. I'd fold. And watch closely what whomever won that hand pushed in with. You're probably going to get all those chips over the course of the tourney.
  19. I don't say anything unless they start giving me grief about it. Then it's something along the lines of: The goal, obviously, is tilt.But I don't suck out all that much. We're supposed to be getting our chips in with the best of it, right?
  20. Yeah, I see lots of fishies on the ol' party skins limping with Aces.They tend to win 1v1 confrontations about 80% of the time, but all that limping they do, they tend to lose more than they win.In any event, the odds against flopping top set when 2 others in the pot also hit their sets are pretty astronomical, so you deserve the fishiest of compliments for your play:Nice hand!
  21. OP, you're such a frackin moron...Go play at PokerStars... Party... Prima... Full Tilt. You'll see people sitting down on micro (NL$25 & $50) every once in a while with full buy-ins and pushing in every hand. Why? Well, when they do this, if you go search, you almost always see them on some other table with a $5k to $10k buy-in there.They're pros who are steaming or trying to "give back" to the little guys... or both.I, for one, welcome them at my tables. The key? Be smart enough to wait for a good hand and then... gamble. If you don't want to do that, sit out.It's actually quite fun
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