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  1. without replies...Preflop: i probably cold call this without a specific reason to 3-betFlop: I'd call and hope someone else later raises so that we can 3-bet. Raising faces everyone with 2 cold. Raising might clean up some ace outs, but I think you win more keeping people in the hand. Cap is def good here.Turn: I might c/r after button 3-bet, trapping everyone for 2+ bets. after replies... ok... at .5/1 raising flop might be good due to lots of people calling 2 anyways. Turn I like c/c >>>> c/r >>>>> b/c. but my c/r might be spewing. i do this a lot. i leak baby!
  2. Yeah, you give a free card too often, as not many opponents are stupid enough to fall for it over and over.I've seen someone get c/r'ed on the flop turn and river at a B&M and they look like they need a bib and helmet. (both of them).
  3. Zach said it all.On a side note, how often is c/r'ing multiple streets in a row a good idea? And why ...
  4. Maybe a short blind is like a small blink but only 1/3 the big blind, like a $1 SB in a $3-$6 game.At least, that's the most insight I can provide on the rest.
  5. I think we're making money, or at least not going insane folding.I'm calling nearly any river there, it's a huge pot.Sanity is a big reason I do some things. Yet, sometimes it has the opposite effect.
  6. Agree with everyone else, c/r flop and lead turn. I'm going to backpedal.But I still find it hard to limp those UTG, I'd fold. But it was late. so... ok
  7. Zach, are you suggesting c/r the turn or betting it?Whyyyy is MP3 such a donk!!
  8. What you had is in the preflop section. Should be easy to recall from there :)Also, I cheated and looked. So, no comment on the hand.
  9. My god, me too... So many tonight.How many times am I going to raise and have the BB be the only caller, and get check raised with my whiffed overs?Those hands are so frustrating and are a huge leak!
  10. I like it... I've been folding these a lot from EP as I can't find that many games where enough people are in preflop. I limp, someone raises and it's heads up.You don't like my flashy titles?
  11. thecamelots private table @ .5/1 on party.pass fcp...
  12. Yea yea, folding is horrible. I'm not considering it at all, it's part of the tilt ;)I'm fine now though!KK and AQ are reasonable hands ... KK more so, but hands I'm crushing are also likely.
  13. well it's a bit late now, but i'm still up for a whileif it was more than HU i'll do it.
  14. Well, theres no value in getting called/raised by 7x here.But, I like bet/calling the river, esp against bad players.
  15. HU I'd cap this most of the time. Rest seems OK.
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