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  1. i'm really suprised this forum hasn't found a way for us all to hack into this stream. It feels like we have watched every final table and main event we weren't supposed too.. lol
  2. <------ having life tilt right now, comcast is an industry leader and can't stream something I want to watch....
  3. I'm really excited to have this site up. I caught onto pokerwire radiop late and caught up quick, then it got pulled. Also, found two jacks in the hole on iTunes one day without looking for it and loved it. Just lsitened to the new one and it was just as funny as always. I am glad that someone did something about the lack of "good" poker media out there. Good luck to them and hopefully it lasts a long long time.
  4. so thats what it feels like to hit a two outter... lol
  5. <------------ thinking the same thing
  6. Anyone know who that internet kid is? he looks familar, but I don't recall.
  7. The reason he has a chance is this; lets say that tigers handicap is a 0 and his opponents is a 25. that means that on an average day he would shoot a 72 and his opponent a 97 to tie. thats not totally beyond reason is it???
  8. I dont intend on playing any poker at all. I go to AC enough to play cards. I want this to be enjoyable for her as much as it is for me. It is going to be both of our first times in Vegas and its going to be a "touristy" visit. I figure I can get her to head down to Downtown, so I can see Binion's, and then get her to go to the Rio cause its huge and has a lot to do, then I can see the WSOP a little. It where we both wanna go. Resorts are to small and only have a limited number of things to do and we hated it. Crusies like resorts to small for us. Vegas is huge and has lots of crazy things to
  9. Hey, I am trying to book a trip to Vegas in June and I need help. I asked once before but its getting down to crunch time and I am hearing it. I am looking at either the Luxor or New York, New York. I can spend like $2000, for the flight and room. I need any comments and suggestions please!Thank you so much in advance!! Joe
  10. I read just about every response to Daniel's blog and I also read all the reponses in this topic and I think its amazing how really great this site is. It gives us all a voice. Sure a lot of people just use this site to rail a very famous poker player, but I think a lot of this use it as a place to be heard. Lets face it in life it is very hard to be heard. Whether your a salesman, a father, a world famous poker player, sometimes your voice just gets scrambled in the confusion of the world. Or just scrambled in our own heads. Sometimes it takes something great written, read or heard to bring o
  11. I have been engaged for a little over a year and about 6 months ago we went to meet the priest for our marriage stuff. Now I have always been faithful and everything. I was an alter boy, raised Catholic the whole shaabang. During college I drifted and got away from things. After we met with the priest he said we should pray together everyday, even if it is just at meal times. Now my fiance is mostly just getting married in the church for my family, but I have been doing the praying for us. A little at night, mostly thanking God for things and what not. I have felt better in the last few months
  12. I actually was asked this by a friend who was screamed at during a session at the Trop in AC. He busted out and asked a friend for $100. He gave him cash between hands and did not interupt the flow of play. Two different people objected to such a transaction. He asked me later that week and I said it was perfectly legal and should have been a non-issue. I can't see how this is even an issue. I mean its more money on the table for more then likely a below average player. The more the better.
  13. Yo, Did you go to Widener? I think I recognize your name. If so, was your last class of you career an Economics class at 9am on Saturday you always came drunk too... lol...
  14. Of course you need options. We have been together for 5 years and living together for 9 months. I think the honeymoon is over... lol. We just wanted to go to a really exciting place were there is always something to do. So VIVA LAS VEGAS. All are welcome! May 14 to May 21! Thank you for the post. I am a sleezy guido though. Its cool. I know what your sayin about it. I will check out a few places and let me say this she likes New York, New York... any feedback?
  15. Well thanks to everyone we are definitely going to Vegas now!! I am super excited and I think its gonna be an awesome week. Now to just get like 2 hours in at the tables... I am hopin to get together with anyone from FCP if they are around, that means you too Daniel... lol Anymore suggestions are awesome, but you guys have done alot already... thanks so much for makin my vegas honeymoon come true...
  16. I will probably call you on it, the day after I say I do.. I will keep u in mind for sure.
  17. Sounds just about what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot. I hope the walls are really thin and we stay next to a couple a beautiful Brazillians females that like my wife. haha Other then that I thank you sir.
  18. I love the idea of leaving her home and bringing all my buddies for a week of poker and other things you can get involved in while in Vegas. lol. I mean really she needs to be dissapointed with the marriage and I mine as well start disappointing her the second night. Maybe she could drop me off at the airport, so I dont need to pay for long term parking. lolYou guys are nuts. But I am lovin the ideas. We are thinkin about inviting our whole wedding party and friends to come. Since Vegas has accomidations for all types we think its a good spot to invite them. I know I want something better then
  19. Keep the advice coming in please. I want her to read this and let her know I'm actually trying.. haha. I don't plan on playing very much poker at all unfortunately. I really want this to be a special and fun vacation for us both. I want to stop by the Bellagio, Binion's and Venitian just because I have heard so much about it, but thats all. Maybe sit down for a couple hours late late at night or a day where she might go shopping with her girlfriends, (if they come). Thank you for all the advice, I knew FCP was the best travel agent for me! If anyone will be around then I will buy a few rounds
  20. yea she suggested it and she isnt a gambler. She loves the atmosphere, shows, food and just the options on things to do. I think it will be a good time cause she loves faced pace things. whatcha think?
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