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  1. 15,510 at break right before money bubble
  2. I Collect Mobnies?Actually it's the Independent Chip Model:http://www.sitandgoplanet.com/sitandgo/sng...n_to%20ICM.html
  3. It may not be exactly the same as before but FCP still feels like a community to me. I really enjoyed vb's HU challenge in May as well as the FCP WSOP satellites organized by DNA. I would have liked to join the 4.40 Challenge and the weekly Negreanu Open, which remains one of my favorite tourneys given all the regulars/old timers in that tourney and the fact that that was where I first started to learn all about MTTs. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a toddler who's now roaming the house daily and wrecking havoc, I haven't had much time to participate in as many of these events as I
  4. If I'm not mistaken I believe the unicorn was parked and resting just behind the pool table.
  5. So sorry to hear about this and hope Ozi gets well soon.
  6. http://vvcap.net/db/XXECo4A8oUM6jUC_PcXu.htpbusto?
  7. You just locked up FT imo. What's your seat assignment? I'll stop by and say hi. GLGL sir.
  8. TYTY guys. I haven't registered yet but I will definitely be playing on the 13th (Event #28) for the FCP satellite pool. IIRC chgocubs99 will also be playing in the same event (as will TrueAce13). I might also play on the 11th (Event #24) to get ready and to get familiar with the new structure. I just set up a twitter account and will try to give updates there:http://twitter.com/seacucumberfcp
  9. seacucumber - (Full Tilt / $26/ NLHE/ 1241 / 90th / $46.16)seacucumber - (Full Tilt / $11/ NLHE/ 575 / 13th / $149.69)seacucumber - (Full Tilt / $26/ NLHE/ 880 / 13th / $147.84)seacucumber - (Full Tilt / $22/ NLHE/ 247 / 8th / $362.45)
  10. Awesome TRs and video. Sounds like a blast.
  11. Very well deserved! Congrats Gib!! Btw you forgot to include in your bio your string of 5 or 6 straight 2nd place wins in skipaments
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