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  1. I think my wife would like Bryan's tourney since she and about 1,358,888,888 of the world's population think that 8 is lucky.
    FYP :club:
    There are also 5 1000 FPP instant cash $16 bonuses in the store (if you are a silverstar)
    I'm probably looking at the wrong place but I couldn't find this bonus. I did find the following FPP bonus for SilverStar:gCGwkFYwdY_m_lvBU-An.pngEDIT: NVM found it
  2. Hey Bob what are the chances posting the top 10 for the end of this quarter :ts
    Pretty sure you moved up to 3rd place Rose :)I had to go to Staples Center last night and 5 minutes before I was about to sit out I misclicked in a hand that would've given me about 65bbs at 50/100. Instead, I lose 60% of my stack and was down to 12bbs FMR. Since I wouldn't have been able to continue to play after that hand anyway, you probably would've still moved past me with your 5th place finish last night. Good job and congrats on your 23rd chip set :club:
  3. FCP Bob we need someone who everyone would trust with the money. Would you like to take the honors? If anything we can send on Paypal that way we don't have to deal with the problem cashing out like last time. If we use paypal, it must be sent as money owed or a gift that way there is no fees associated with the transfer. This method does not allow charge back either. We can set up a 10 week tourny with a $1 buyin on Stars.1. deadlysyns2. Diamonddixie3. ThePhoenix884. TrueAce135. Carlito786. wsox8
    Probably easier for you and for everyone to see if you edit your OP to include an interest list there instead. Also interested in playing in this.
  4. if I didn't feel QUITE as dominated as I did last week and know how much better you are than me I'd have considered a gentlemanly sum.
    Says the guy who pwned my soul with J high :club: Honestly, I thought you held your own and the HU match was much closer than you thought (it came down to pretty much a flip when I had AA and you had pair+OESD). But yeah it would probably be more fun to do a prop bet next time when we both start off with a clean slate.
  5. Did it take me this long to realize you have a reserved 2/4 o/8 table on tilt??
    Almost forgot about that table. I created about 2+ years ago to earn 200 daily ironman points quickly without having to wait for games. I picked O8 since I thought players were worse than NLHE/LHE at the same stake but Staniv would tell you that my O8 table usually filled up pretty quickly as I sat down then the game would break when I left :club:
    Don't press your luck buddy boy. I know people.
    I was a VIP at KFC once upon a time. Your people wouldn't hurt one of their own now would they?
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