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  1. Yes.
    Josh thought Aldridge was the most difficult opponent remaining when they were 4-handed and said Aldridge was a lot more knowledgeable about the game than he looked/acted. Aldridge also has a bracelet and we didn't think it was a "zomg i has top pair I call" but rather a well-thought out call (even though it was pretty much a snap call when Josh jammed he had thought about his decision while Josh was tanking).
  2. I was thinking of writing something up for the old 5,000th post but I can't write very well and it seems kinda meh with the current state of pokerz in the USI will summarize what I wanted to eloquently convey by saying that I'm really thankful for what I have learned from poker; while my monetary results have been insignificant, I've learned a ton about myself, emotional control, discipline, the long-run and big-picture, etc.I'm also super grateful to have met such awesome friends through poker, with FCP being the springboard to it all. I greatly enjoy the interaction with people from all over the world, with widely different lifestyles and views, who share a common interest in the game. I have found poker players to be among the most thoughtful and generous people I have dealt with in addition to being some of the brightest and most fun.Through this reflection I've come to really appreciate how lucky I am and how good I run at life. I take this for granted too often, but I hope to continually remind myself of this going forward.Lastly, thanks as always to Bob and Gov for their awesome work around here, it's an awesome community, albeit small and mellow right now.
    Well said and great post James. Wishing you continued success.
  3. Is that a standard play by Aldrige? Standard button raise 4 handed from Gilb, I can see the check raise on Aldrige's part to get some information on where he stands and I can see Gilb's shove there representing a big ace and having the 35% er with the 2nd nut flush draw. Not exactly sure how much Aldrige had behind so maybe he was pot committed already when he check raised? I guess this is standard the more I talk it out, but damn ballsy call depending on what kind of image Gilb had.
    These were the stack sizes before the start of Josh's hand:Level 33: 100,000-200,000, 25,000 anteSeat 1. Joshua Pollock - 5,325,000Seat 3. Will Failla - 3.375,000Seat 5. Ken Aldridge - 6,850,000Seat 6. Jeff Vertes - 8,175,000I am not sure if Aldridge's flop c/r is standard, but once he made that raise and Josh jammed, the pot was about 7,050,000. It was about 3,600,000 more for Aldridge to make the call so he was getting just about 2 to 1 to call. He made the call fairly quickly so he probably already decided that he was calling a jam while Josh was tanking to the c/r. They've played quite a bit together over the last couple days so I think Aldridge made the call believing that his hand had more than 33% equity against Josh's 3-bet jam range on that flop. After that hand Josh and many others agreed that Aldridge made a good call.GG Josh very nice run.
  4. Gilbertology (aka Hibachi) just made the final table of the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event as the 2nd chipleader! Here are the official chip counts for today's televised WPT final table, with 28:23 left in Level 30 (50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante):Seat 1. Joshua Pollock - 5,315,000 (53 BBs)Seat 2. Owais Ahmed - 1,720,000 (17 BBs)Seat 3. Will Failla - 6,775,000 (67 BBs)Seat 4. Adam Aronson - 2,185,000 (21 BBs)Seat 5. Ken Aldridge - 3,640,000 (36 BBs)Seat 6. Jeff Vertes - 4,005,000 (40 BBs)The televised WPT final table is scheduled to start at 4:00 pm PT, and we'll be providing complete hand-for-hand coverage with chip counts updated after every hand. For the first time in WPT history, there will also be a semi-live webcast of the final table on a 30-minute delay -- with hole cards.Payouts for the FT are:1. $758,085*2. $365,8003. $186,4004. $128,5005. $102,8006. $ 77,100*1st includes $25,500 WPT SeatThe last time he was this deep in a Main Event he ran into a formidable opponent HU so hopefully the 2nd time will be the charm!

    GLGL Josh!
  5. First, let me assure you that this is NOT an April Fools joke :tsRead Frank's bio here
    That was my initial reaction when I was first notified, then I remembered last month's featured member and figured out that you and Bob just resorted to picking names out of a hat since March :club:
    INNNNNNNN!*(*As long as it's not sushi pizza)
    Frank is good people.I remember when he and Vatche along with many others were always in the lobby chat at the old FCP cardroom that was an On Game skin. That lobby chat was perfect for a medium size site like FCP as there was always people around chatting but it wasn't so busy that you couldn't keep up with conversations.
    Man those were the good ole days Bob. I miss the old FCP cardroom/lobby chat and would also pay good mobnies to get back on On Game network (especially if we could also go back to 2006).
    He also has mad basketball skills and is a prop bet hustler
    I honestly don't think I'll ever make 2 out 2 again (the underhand across the pool shot) in my life time even if you offer me odds :)Thanks everyone and happy April Fools Day!
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