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  1. I want to get Full Tilt Rakeback... I don't have an exisitng account... can anyone tell me what the best affiliate to go thru is? I'd like to use www.thisisthenuts.com... any advice?Thanks in advance
  2. I qualify for Round 1... and am never informed of Round two and now found out I missed it... what rubbish.
  3. And if so did you have a problem with duties like me?Thanks.
  4. And when it came to the door I had no bloody idea what it was... The UPS guy said it was a Jersey. I immediately think it is something from Ebay but realzied I haven't ordered any jerseys lately. Furthermore he tells me he wants $47 to release the jersey to me for customs or whatever. I send him away and moments after I realize, ohh... the name was Travis... The FCP Travis. Now the question remains: Do I pay $47 for a "free" jersey?
  5. Can you please just copy + paste it here... would be muchly appreciated.Thanks
  6. The topic or post you requested does not existI tried to find it... but couldn't. Please provide a more specific link.
  7. I love to watch the pros online, especially in MTTs to try and learn from them... does anyone have a list of screen names for various pros on different sites?I know some like:Pokerstars:Emptyseat88 = FischmanGank = JungblutEvybabee = Evelyn NgFossilman = RaymerExclusive = Noah BoekenEl Capitano = Marcel Luske (though Boeken won a big one under his account apparently)Etc.Any help with regards to this would be really appreciated.Thanks
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