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  1. Are u saying that the trigger doesnt work or it just doesnt make the clicking sound like u are used to cause if the trigger doesnt work at all than how do u select what u want to
  2. I just checked the ongame network website and they have me listed as the 130th qualifier and have a total of 132 qualifiers overall. I would guess this number may double to somewhere near 300 or so by the time the tourney happens and then probably 100-200 people buying in at most so i would guess probably about top 10% payout even though i wouldnt mind a 20% payout if the field is around there cause with the overlay really wouldnt be a huge loss of cash when spread across. I really am thinking ongame is going to take a bath on the guarantee. When you factor in the amount of money being made o
  3. glad i could be an inspiration jayvis good luck.
  4. thanks guys. I entered a stage 1 turbo yesterday i believe won that, then won a stage 2 sng this morning while unsuccessfully trying to qualify for the big deal, then won the stage 3 sng after getting busted out of the 100k on bodog. I had to wait about an hour or so for it to fill up when i registered with about 3 people already in i believe. So with the positives there were some negatives but this is by far my biggest win to date. tops the 1500 i pulled out of the grand series back in april. Now all i have to do is completely change my game so vatche wont have any idea how to play me, oh wai
  5. This is a complete brag post, I am on a ridiculous high cause i just won a seat in the ongame $5000 buyin classic. Now all that is left is to finish in top 45 then take it down in barcelona. Wish me luck
  6. I received an email that stated the site would be down for maintenance until 10 or 11pm tonight. Since the seat 1 round 2 is supposed to start at 9pm what is the status of the tournament is it getting postponed or anything?
  7. What happens if someone wins multiple seats to either a semifinal level of one of the seat qualifiers or actually to the final table to be held in a brick and mortar casino? Would they receive extra starting chips, would they be able to transfer the entry, would one less person just be at the semifinal level or final table or would the 2nd place finisher just go instead? Just curious because it seems like something that could very possibly happen with the small fields that are being seen in some of the qualifiers. ThanksChris
  8. Blinds are 1500-3000 no ante I am in the bb with a little over 15k in chips. I am have been playing solid poker with a fairly tight image up to that point and in a talkative mood in the chat box seeming like i am having fun which i am. I am dealt 88 in the big blind. 3rd position limps he has about 27k and has been playing solid poker. Folds around to small blind who also limps and he has been playing fairly well a little looser than 3rd position but I just doubled him up in a race a few hands back, He has about 30k. With 3k in my bb and only 12k more I move all in thinking that their limps ar
  9. Like a lot of people on this forum I am looking into moving out to vegas in the next year or two. I was hoping you could tell me some things about the health food/vegetarian options that are available in vegas. I only eat meat that is free range or organic and fish. I pay attention more to the ingredients in food such as artificial colors, flavors, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and other negatives rather than the nutritional info suck as fat and calories. I currently live in nyc so there is a plethora of options here and am just curious as to what vegas offers. I know that you have a whole
  10. I believe turning stone in upstate ny allows 18 and has a 2500 buyin event, ZeeJustin played in the aruba and pokerstars one at atlantis so I would assume they do and there is always europe which doesnt have the stupid 21 year old limit
  11. I am down just depends on the buyin and time of event weeknights work best for me
  12. Looking to deposit some money on some sites and now that my bank doesnt allow me to use my debit card for this purpose (its bullshit its my money and i should be able to do what I want with it)i need to use another way. I have looked at Neteller but the only way to make it work with my bank is to link my account to it, has anyone had any problems with this. For instance with identity theft or just plain old money disappearing from an account? Also if you could tell me how long you have been using neteller it would be helpful. Thanks
  13. Glad to get so many responses thanks a lot. Seems the consensus is to push as a small raise just seems to fishy. Thanks for the help
  14. Thanks for the input everyone. From what I have read seems that the 300 raise works the best here and limits me to probably being heads up. Thanks again for the help
  15. 5 people left in a SNG i have 1200 and blinds are at 100-200 2 stacks around where i am at and 2 stacks with high chips counts. I have a fairly tight image and 3 places pay. I am dealt QQ UTG what do you think makes me look weaker raising minimum amount or moving all in. Obviously at this point I want to be called and get all my chips in.
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