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  1. Last week a guy came on here explaing how if you go onto Mirc, a chat type software and you go too #xxxpasswords and type in i.e /notice xpass search vivd.com, it will come back to you with a login in id and password. It took me awhile to figure, but once i did it was money. That vivid site has like 300 movies on it all streaming.
  2. Just a bit of topic, but a couple of weeks ago that guy posted that IRC trick with porn, and damn was it ever money! Thanks man. If you haven't tried it yet you have to get it, especially for vivid.com and thuggsandjuggs.com.A single guys dream come true
  3. Elisha has my vote, she is canadian too, so you know she puts out!
  4. I just like the comment on the site that he must be an "assman", priceless. Damn they are big, I am sure she is nice too!
  5. It looks like a good idea and a solid production. You need to get a smokin hot dealer though, so people clicking by the show will stop even if they don't don't anything about poker, because every one loves smokin girls. You also need to let me go on the show, so I can add some spice too it for you. I will trash talk and bust some jokes out to help the rates. Win-Win for everyone.
  6. It is really too bad that tipping how become so big over here in North America. Oversea's in many countries it is considered an insult to leave a tip and they will run after you to return it. It is their job to serve you and that is why they get paid. We feel pressured by social norms over here to tip or you are made to feel like a cheapstake. The debate on weather the dealers get paided a good base salary is almost flawed in nature. There hundreds of jobs that pay crap pay and don't get tipped, so show we start tipping them too because they make min wage. I know a ton of people in the s
  7. I have read over the last couple months that some of you have being thinking about turning this fun hobby into a job and i was looking for someone dates on that. Love to hear when you started how much you are up or down from when you started, and maybe month average's i.e 200-1000 bucks a month.And if you are doing it for a living, are you just plaing cash games or sit-go's maybe?Thanks
  8. The search function didn't work for this, but does anyone have a link that will give live updates on the chip counts and positions in the Main event? Not even sure they have something like this, I just assume they do somewhere.Thanks
  9. Well I have played the last couple of freerolls at powerplayer, like the rest of you, minus that I have being sucking some ballz while playing. I was wondering how your strategy may change when playing these freerolls. It seems like there is no reason why some people play hands, All in with 6 3 and crap like that. Just wondering if anyone has done well in one of these and how they play and what hands they are playing against the aggressive crazy style of freerolls?Thanks
  10. I also looked to sign up, but there wasn't a link to it as of yet, they may just open it open a couple hours before. I am sure it fills up pretty fast, for free money and only 200 spots.
  11. The disconnect protect is there to help people with crap dial up, but I agree with you, I have being playing a lot of late, and dumbass are using it all the time to protect their hands against monster hands or flush draws. It happenned to me, I was however on the good side with the nut boat but the guy disconnected so he didn't have to call me all in. Bullshit.
  12. He is a good player, but i do think he has an advantage that he really does need the money and only winnings, which means, the tournments we don't see him in, he probably got knocked out fast for being way to aggressive. He made his money during the .com business which doesn't mean he made it though is "intelligence" like someone else said. He made it off the greed of other investors and other investors, just trying to ride the wave. It is like calling lotto winner a mensa member.
  13. I believe the best two sites that I played on so far are partypoker and pokerstars. You have to take into account though how good your connection and computer are, because so of the other weaker sites, may not have disconnnect protect, and can loose your stake in a tournment if you get kicked out, and it won't let you back in. Another way to make money though is sign up for multiple sites and take advantage of their buy in bonuses, great way to find out if the site is good, and it is almost like free money if you play really tight. I have also come across tigergaming.com, which I am beginni
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