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  1. I'm in.. What day? What time? Where at? What site?Tonka34
  2. It sound like Stu Ungar story. I hope he is stil alive.
  3. Pretty similar to this tournament I had few month ago. It was Aug. I think it was about 25 player sign up and 6 player get the money. I'll never forget my hand. I made the championship table. Down to 3 player left. I got JJ. I went all-in. 2 other players called. I was puzzle. 2 other players had KK and QQ. That is unheard hand I ever seen my whole life. I lost. I was down 8,000 chips left. I thought I was gonna be third place. I decided to all in on my next hand. I had 9,7. Other player called his J,10. I won. Got pair of 9's. Next hand I got 10,8. Decide all-in again. Other player had Q
  4. http://broadband.espn.go.com/broadband/EBB...2/web/shellMainYou can watch it anytime. Just click on Poker Main event. It is fun to watch.
  5. me think Tonka like pizza?Of course, I like pizza!!!! MMMMM mmmmm MMMMM Good...Yummy!!!!!
  6. Hey guys!!! Check it out at this sites. You could win a free car. www.aces.com/dreamcarGood luck winning it.
  7. Hey pokerzealot!!! How will you know you will be successful playing poker for a living? I have seen alot of top pro player don't always make final table. Good luck.I rather stay at the job to protect security. Good luck your future. I hope you make the right choice. Many FCP's think you made a wrong choice.
  8. Getting Hand History Information...----------------------------------------------------------------Hand #9409781-3848 at Linden ($1/$2 Royal Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 05/Nov/05 13:29:09 Too Young is at seat 0 with $25.50. Hayder is at seat 1 with $39.25. Sponger15aa is at seat 2 with $71.75. PaultheBest is at seat 3 with $62.75. scorpio1 is at seat 4 with $252.50. Barklad is at seat 5 with $112.50. The button is at seat 4. Barklad posts the small blind of $.50. Too Young posts the big blind of $1. Too Young: -- -- Hayder: -- --
  9. http://www.ultimatebet.com/promotions/roya...dem.html?l=game
  10. You're right.. It is rigged.. I did played it. I won Itunes.com free download music. Landed on Community chest next to green property.
  11. ZeeJustin is playing tonight at Party Poker. Wednesday Hold'em $150 + $12 I am watching him.
  12. www.pokerlistings.com
  13. I just like to let everyone know. There is nothing wrong. Yes, of course, I did copy and post it here. I see nothing wrong. I find it very interesting every time I read it. I learn something new.
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