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  1. No offense but anyone who can't see that negreanu just made a typo somewhere is a complete retard with no ability to think. What is more likely, he just typed a wrong number when the keys are right next to each other, or he chose to run it twice and not make any big deal about it but happened to be betting another 100 grand as a a 16:1 dog? Come on people, lets use our brains.
  2. Just say what you said in your OP... raising is a part of the game.
  3. this guy checks good hands on flop, I think daniel has figured that out... what a moron to show all his hands heads up.
  4. LOL. Dude in MP makes it 750, i have QQ make it 2250. He pushes all in. I consider folding, but have no idea who this guy is and im getting 2:1 so i call. He flips over...KJ!!! Hits a boat and im down to 16.7k. Still in good shape, and hope I keep getting my money in in these kinda spots.
  5. oops down to 23k, got it in preflop vs JJ with my AA J flopped
  6. ????????????????? Up to 15.4k Board was 6793T. 4k chips in the pot with me having played my 72 VERY strongly rofl. he checked it over, and i bluffed 3k trying to represent the 8. He INSTANTLY called, and I took down the pot. WTF?
  7. up to 9500. Flop was QJ8 I had J8 (button raise) vs AQ. He check raised me and I reraised him. He pushed all in, and I thought I was beat but felt the pot odds warranted a call, especially since donkeys overplay TP so much.
  8. 5880 chips at break. Nothing noticable, playing small pots.
  9. disclaimer: i do not think raymer is a terrible player. i do not think he is world class from what i've seen either, but he is certainly good.To the guy who said that raymers bad plays are always agressive and raises, and not calls, from the same broadcast he called an all in with AT on a A5388 board. Admittedly I play cash games not tourneys, but this seems to make no sense to me. And the way he played it on all streets prior to that was check/call. I'm not convinced raymer made a "great read" against devilfish. He certainly didn't make a "great read" here. It seems on the river he errs by ca
  10. Hi, I actually just needed 530 to play the PL hold em event (I know I posted a little late). As for neteller, I should probably use it but never signed up out of lack of trust for such sites. I only have a 3k deposit limit on PS per month and 1K per day (I e-mailed them today and they have increased it to 10,000 a month). My problem basically is I cash out down to 5,000 every now and then, and went bust, so then I have to put money back in. Since my deposit limit was so low, I couldn't do this. Anyways, I got a buddy of mine to transfer and that was probably safer. Thanks for any replies. BTW,
  11. I'll give 550 UB $ for 530 PS $. If you are a regular poster, I will send first, otherwise I'll need you to.
  12. lost half my stack...flopped K high flush, other guy had A high flush.
  13. well yeah if you play 10 buck buy ins they're a jopke. Playing higher the profit can get nice. BTW, you cant 4 table heads up (or I can't) but 2 tabling is possible. Your point about expected profit is well taken though, multi tabling limit games is more profitable I'm sure, but I really just don't like doing that. It's such a grind. I find heads up NL to be more stimulating to the brain (some will disagree, but thats why there are many different forms of poker). Maxing out your profit is good, but having fun is important (to me) as well.
  14. lol@the guy who said heads up NL SnGs are a joke. Are you kidding? Mathematically, you are just wrong. Anyways I've played them exclusively in the last 2 months, ive played 842 matches between 50 and 200 and have won slightly under 73 %. These things are very profitable, and very beatable. I would definitely agree that limit heads up is more skill, and they have them on stars but theres not much of a market for them.
  15. www.cardplayer.comwww.pokerwire.com
  16. 21-1? hahahaha. I mean...may I sell you a bridge?
  17. I wasn't suggesting he did sell himself off, just pointing out that winning his seat on PS is not complete evidence that he is not staked.
  18. alot of guys who win their seats online get staked. They simply sell off a % of themselves. It ensures they make money.
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