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  1. The only reason this call is good is because of his position (on button as far as I can tell), being 2nd to close the action and his pot odds. Only has to call 150 into a 475 pot, so he's getting over 3 to 1 on the call. But usually I don't like putting in close to 1/7th of my stack with suited connectors. I would fold if seat 6 folded.
  2. This is poker table where both of them sat........X=Prahlad. Next to dealer. Seat 9.(-------------)X=Lisandro. Seat 7.
  3. TY. Been running horrible in tournaments for the past 2 weeks, last 2 days have been great. Also, to whoever I played HU, you played great. I should play these more often.
  4. Don't care that it was $11 PLO on UB with 27 players, and that I cashed for $135. It just feels so great after not cashing in any tournament for what seems like the past week. Sadly with this win, I am still down on the past two weeks for tournaments.LOLDONKAMENTS!
  5. Stars in 5 minutes.$10+1 Unlimited rebuys (1/2 hour) and add-on.Giving away 50 seats. Only 150 registered now.Very good blind structure (12 minutes, 1500 starting stack, start @ 5/10.You can still register as alternative if you want to play.
  6. You risk one less chip everytime you do this. Adds up after a while.
  7. Ok, I can understand this.I'm guessing 2/4NL or 3/6NL is the highest limit where it makes a difference.Here the math:If average rake is 5% up to $3, than point where the size of the pot begins at $3 and 5%, but moves down in % of pot raked is $60 ($60/100=0.6*5=$3).So if every pot is more than $60, it doesn't matter what stakes you are playing, you would be receiving the same amount of rakeback. Hope this helps.
  8. Yes they did!I hate it when I get through 2/3 of the field and then lose a big pot to bust out. And I hate PLO tournaments.A-K-K-3 on As-4s-Ax-Q vs. Qs-Qx-9s-8s. Re-raised pre-flop, bet out flop for over 1/2 my stack. ****ing tired of tournaments, and poker in general. Taking week off.
  9. Rakeback doesn't max out.
  10. Jdr999


    Isn't working in someone's garden something illegal immigrants do?
  11. I hate making cont. bets on a flop that are smaller than my pre-flop raise. I check/fold this flop.
  12. Jdr999


    Why couldn't he be aborted? Sick *******.
  13. Here's your answer: You do know you are losing to A-T and A-6 on the river, right?I don't mind the check-call on flop, but there is a fine line between slowplaying on the flop and checking the river with only one other player.
  14. Got drunk and high Saturday night. When I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I felt like I was floating in air. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  15. Because I love the gameshow Press Your Luck, and I feel that I am pressing my luck playing online poker. No 2-outers...big bucks, no whammys, and STOP!
  16. Please bet more on flop.
  18. Are you serious? Pot is 2,625. Button has 1525 left. What amount are we going to bet, 500? 750? Any reasonable bet pot commits you to the hand.
  19. 1. Raise more pre-flop2. Bet on flop. At least 1/2 to 3/4 size of pot.3. Fold river. Have to have a very solid read to call here.
  20. Have you hands hold up, win races, suckout big time in huge pots=keys to success in Donkaments, which this will be.Also, never fold any pair before the flop. They always have A-K.
  21. Why did you not post a picture of a crazy poker chip structure?
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