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  1. Forgot to edit bottom left of photo.Still, nicely done.
  2. Please look over the hand again. A-K on Q-T-x flop, he has 4 Jacks to make his straight. He was all in also.On another point, please tell us why you didn't re-raise or shove pre-flopAlso, quit bitchin. THIS WAS A 500FPP SAT. YOU LOST NO $$$.-"Goddammit, I'm going all-in, Jesus Christ!"P.S. This would of sucked a lot more if you won a seat, and lost with this hand.
  3. Standard. Also, instead of calling in the Big Blind, you could of shoved all-in, A-K calls, 3's fold, and you win a big pot. But than again, if you re-raise, and are only called by A-K, they would of rivered a King.
  4. I'll do it for $50 (That he doesn't do it). I hope you can trust me that loser pays after this is over.
  5. Based upon the hands you gave, I ran a simulation on CardPlayer's odds calculator. Here are the odds of scooping, winning the high outright, winning the low outright, and expected equity (EE) on the turn.You: :icon_dance: Scoop: 36.11%High: 50.00%Low 0% (Can't win outright)EE: 0.528 (Or 52.8% of the pot)Villian: Scoop: 16.67%High: 33.33%Low: 0%EE: 0.250SB: Scoop:0%High: 16.77%Low: 8.33%EE: 0.222Have way to many outs to just check. Any club (9 cards), K (3), J(2), 8(3), 7(3), 6(3), and 3(3) should get you at least 1/4 of the pot, if not 1/2 or scoop. This doesn't take into that you kn
  6. That's what I was getting at. I just don't see him making a pot size bet on the end with 7's-T's. More like 2,000.
  7. Chan can really only beat a bluff in this spot. Board of J-J-6-3-2, Huck smooth-calls pre-flop, checks flop and turn, and bets pot on river.Lets put Huck on some hands he would play the same why that beat Aces: A-J, K-J, Q-J, J-T, 6's, 3's, 2's. Might lead out on flop or turn with Q-J or J-T, not sure.Why would Huck bet out a pot size bet on the river with anything less than 3 Jacks? Is Huck capable of making a play at the pot with 7's-T's, with two players left to act?
  8. For those of you saying fold pre-flop, please consider this:1. You are in position2. The other player has a ton of chips relative to the blinds, and so do you.3. You are only calling a raise pre-flop for 2% of your stack. Implied odds are very good.4. It should be easy to play if you miss. (Fold flop if you miss)All other reasons for not playing this are vaild. But I'm not folding Axs with other players having very deep stacks.Other reason for not playing this hand is this bluff is going to fail much more than it will succeed.Last reason for not playing this is chips don't matter this early in
  9. Nice brag post.Also, your explanation makes no sense:"The explanation behind the play is this, the way the pre flop raise took place, and the follow through bet and calls indicated to me the guy has a big pair/set.""My call on the flop is because I feel I can read this guy, initially having a small PP."They way you played it on the turn by raising makes you bluff the river, unless you just want to give up.Also could of make your raise on the turn smaller (2000), then make a 3,000 bet on the river. This way you save some chips if you are called.
  10. www.allvegaspoker.comSeems like best games for $2/$5 is MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay ($2/$4)
  11. http://news.pokerpages.com/index.php?optio...iew&id=2232
  12. Damn it! Clicked the link at the bottom.RickRoll'D AGAIN!
  13. I'm guessing I went the right way on this one: equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 29.237% 20.85% 08.39% 394358175 158706777.00 { AsKs }Hand 1: 28.348% 25.72% 02.63% 486467079 49778949.00 { 99+, ATs+, AJo+ }Hand 2: 42.414% 35.20% 07.22% 665809320 136520220.00 { JJ+, AKs, AKo }
  14. This should of been over at least 20 minutes ago.Another reason why I rarely play at PokerStars.
  15. equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 27.920% 19.43% 08.49% 261225576 114217138.50 { AsKs }Hand 1: 31.109% 27.66% 03.45% 371987370 46343317.50 { TT+, AJs+, AQo+ }Hand 2: 40.971% 34.07% 06.90% 458085123 92851149.00 { JJ+, AKs, AKo }Better?
  16. HU! GO GO GO!Treat him like your personal *****!
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