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  1. *******! Beat me by a minute.
  2. FYP"Full Tilt Poker will pay out the $10,000,000 prize in equal $1,000,000 installments over a 10-year period. Players must agree to a 10-year exclusive endorsement contract with Full Tilt Poker allowing us to use their name, voice, and likeness in all future online and offline promotions. Additionally, Player agrees to play a minimum of 10 hours per week at Full Tilt Poker.com, and to attend any promotional events or tournaments that Full Tilt Poker deems appropriate. Player will be ineligible to promote any other online or offline poker-related company.Additionally, Player must agree to only
  3. Is $2500+$100.Would need 2,000 to reach $5 million prize pool.Last year there was a $3 million guarantee. The tournament had 2,510 players for a prize pool of $6,275,000. 1st place, without deals was $1,157,737.50.This year, in order for there to be a $2 million first prize, there would have to be 5,020 players. This would create a $12,550,000 prize pool, and according to the current payouts on PokerStars, 1st prize would be $2,000,470.Also, for those of you voting YES or +$2 first prize, and then saying the WCOOP Main Event will have 4000 players or less, this is not possible. Please read my
  4. Please re-read. It says UP TO 5 years. I doubt he will spend 5 months in jail. Will likely pay a very large fine.
  5. Damn. Didn't ship $50.Give me the :card_clubs_6:Shipping $10 now.Will be very pissed off if river is one of the other 4 cards.
  6. I'll take 5 cards please: :D ONE TIME!!!Shipping $50 soon. Name on Stars is 84JR.Also, can I choose 5 cards, or only 1?
  7. I doubt she has the bankroll to play in the Main Event.
  8. Nope. Remember the guy who slow-rolled Jen Harman with the rivered straight flush vs. her Queens full?That guy. Cory Zeidman.
  9. LOL @ Irony of your post and avatar!
  10. I'm selling my car.1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E175K. Got into small fender-bender, small hood/grill repairs needed. Needs new tires.Some ******* stole hood ornament when I parked it out on the street instead of in my driveway.$1000
  11. Please makeSome ParagraphsIn your post.Thank You
  12. I would pound these bets. Such great odds. Also, Joe Hachem thinks the Main Event field will be around 5,000.http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/video-gallery/
  13. TY. Hate this profanity filter. On 2+2 I can say some much more without getting **** or [censored].
  14. Seeing as gmanshade is still posting after his original post states that over 54% of people want him to leave the forums, he is a *****, welcher on bets, and drinks bad beer. Here is the official poll as to whether gmanshade should be banned from posting for life.
  15. I do my $20 for your $2,000. (Doyle wins=I win)Any takers?
  16. I would gouge my eyes out if I had to play a $1,500 LIMIT Shootout. Isn't this a form of torture?
  17. I'll do this if I think I am reading the bet right.I bet $1 on Doyle to win, I win $100 if he wins.You bet $100 on Doyle not to win, you win $1 if he does not win.Correct, or mixed up?
  18. U.S. players can't play at Doyle's Room anymore. And I am certain he has never endorsed an online pokersite.What's the point if you don't play a lot of tournaments, and want to stay in Vegas with your family?
  19. LOL.Also, your avatar is giving me a seizure and a hard on at the same time. Anyway you could slow it down so I don't have anymore seizures? Thanks.
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