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  1. $500 max bet means the most that can be wagered in one hand is 500, yeah? Like, I assume you can't bet 500 on flop, 500 on turn, and 500 on river?
    Seeing as they have a $250/$500 Limit Hold'em game, my assumption would be $500 per betting round in NL. (up to $500 pre-flop, flop, turn, and river).
  2. I have a similar situation from yesterday in tournament I played. 6 players left. $2300 for 1st, 2nd place gets $1,600, 3rd gets $1,000. 6th place get $300.I have 1/4 of the chips in play, in 1st place with 275K out of 1.1 Million chips in playQQ<88, after someone said they folded Q-8 pre-flop.AA<97s, they river straight.AT<77. First two cards on flop are A-T, third is 7. Out in 6th place for $300, but I felt like I lost so much more. At least you only lost two flips. You would be PISSED if you lost two 80-20 and then a coinflip to go from 1st in chips with 6 left, to 6th place. BULLSH!T

  3. Poker room is great. Could be better lit, but it's more like a club because of the bar dividing the room than a poker room you would find elsewhere. As for the players, they are awful. Also easy to get tells on what players are going to do by looking at where they are going to press a button on the screen.

  4. Very stupid. Can't you get a huge chipstack halfway through or so and then you sit out...boom, guaranteed to finish in the money. If you want to play for only a certain amount of time....just play a cash game.
    Hard to get 5X payout on cash game buy-in in 20 minutes.
  5. Like idea of HORSE, but would like to see each game have it's own tournament. For the mixed games format, if you could do 6 games in the rotation, that would equal 2 of each game per quarter (12 weeks per quarter). Here is my suggestion of the mixed games format:Omaha (Would prefer Pot-Limit if possible)O/8 (Could be either Limit or Pot Limit)StudStud 8/BRazzLimit Hold'em

  6. The home game I play in has a rule. If your winning, you must stay 2 hours. Which i think is a solid rule. So if this guy got there 30 min ago I agree, he should be forced to stay. But if he hd been there for a while he can leave whenever he wants
    2 hours is a bit extreme. Here's what a home game I go to uses to prevent big winners from leaving quickly: call 30 minutes before you leave. Rarely have problems with this.
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