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  1. I also would like to hear Steve's thoughts once again on why he likes a shove, hopefully we'll hear them.I agree that we have no idea what the table was like/what Hoos's image is/what he'd been doing previous to this. Obv that will play a big role in the decision.
  2. Almost got me to bite. Until I quoted you and glanced at the quote. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll still get someone.
  3. Wasn't sure what you were saying, are you saying that you would think Hoos's range with a preflop push would be TT+ and Ako/AKs? If that's the case, Chip wouldn't be calling with AQ knowing that he is in trouble against everything but TT and JJ and would more likely be behind QQ, KK, AA, and AK.
  4. Ok I actually haven't read this thread too much, I just went back and read Hoos's post about the A8 and the KK hand and have now jumped here.Standard with the A8 I believe, gg ul etc.I also like the check on the flop with the KK with plans on pushing over the top of a single bet if the rest fold. Obv a bet is going to do nothing but get you in trouble here, and pushing preflop would be silly. Open-pushing the flop has some argument though and I'd also love to hear what Steve is thinking on it. Personally I think I'm checking that flop as Hoos did.
  5. correct. They automatically take the T$ and I'm not sure if there's a way to override it.
  6. Official Results:Event 1- NLHE Flipament1-Dukefan111 (36.00)2-Dapper Dan G (20.00)3/4-One Less Donk(12.00) Beaverstyle (12.00)Event 2- NLHE Skipament1-Qyayqi (60)2-Seacucumber1 (36)3-StevieLarson (24)4-Kuge (18)5-MEX123 (12)Event 3- NLHE Jesse-ament1-JesseW316 (45)2-TheRedBucket (27)3-Dukefan111 (18)Event 4- NLO8 Flipament1-mrbumpkin (31.50)2-TheRedBucket (17.50)3/4-ac000000 (10.50) tb17 (10.50)Event 5- NLO Skipament1-Knollie919 (50)2-Dapper Dan G (30)3-Deuces85 (20)Event 6- HORSE Jesse-ament1-Looshle (35)2-fitzinabox (21)3-GrinderMJ (14)
  7. Looshle takes it down! His first ever online win.
  8. Looshle makes superwheel (AA23445) in Stud and has Fitz on the ropes.
  9. Back and forth back and forth. Looshle with lead 11.3k to 9.6k.
  10. Looshle luckboxes a wheel in the first Stud hand and brings the chipcount back to his favor.
  11. Grinder out, Looshle takes the pot and it's almost even in chips HU.
  12. Fitz takes a huge lead, grinder down to his last hand. Looshle needs to win this one to have a shot.
  13. Looshle takes another, Grinder desperate again, fitz takes a nice lead.
  14. Grinder hits huge 4-ball on the river to scoop with a 7-5 against Looshles made 76 on sixth street.
  15. Lol looshle makes aces full and Fitz scoops with a J. Grinder still sucks at razz and is down to likely his last two hands.
  16. Fitz takes the next one. Grinder sucks at razz.
  17. Looshle takes first razz pot bc he's a luckbox.
  18. Fitz back into it with a boat scoop. Not a lot of lows going out
  19. Looshle scoops another with KQ nuts on a TJA board. Fitz in trouble, Looshle runs amazingly well, and Grinder is stalling for the razz section.
  20. Looshle scoops one with AA52 double-suited.Looshle, Grinder, and Fitz in the money dueling it out and Grinder wants to chop.Fitz gets back into it with a scooooop
  21. Grinder scoops the first O8 hand with a rivered three-out wheel.
  22. Wow excellent turnout for all of these, and obv. I take down the first Jesse-ament.The final tourney (5+.50) HORSE Jesseament is on the bubble right now with Looshle and GrinderMJ in the chiplead. I will update with all results shortly.
  23. 13 User(s) are reading this topic (7 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)6 Members: JesseW316, flyingdonkey, chrozzo, no not baxter, MyPlayIsRAB, TR1N1TYFive promising replies coming...and one really unwanted reply. In that order.
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