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  1. There is also an 18+ in Oklahoma, very close to the OK/MO border.
  2. Ya, there's three of you in Iowa, but how many of you are fcp members?
  3. same here. I know I said I'd go through it but my internet has been the ghey for the last two days and I only just today got it back working properly. That's a shitload of hands if I remember when I uploaded it, so I'm going to look at the ones that have been referenced so far, and I'm interested in what happened in the one that you said you folded bc of me.
  4. Interesting that a lot of people don't know. They wrote that part bc it's also the very first conversation that was ever on the show. The opening of the pilot had Jerry and George in the original coffee shop and they had that same convo, then they ended the series with the same convo, hence the "have we had this conversation before?" line.Fav episode has to be "The Bet".
  5. I assume this is what you're looking for.
  6. Thankyou for the credit.
  7. it was discussed in a thread last night. I figured it out when I changed mine to my gay pride flag lol. When we all changed out avs to JC's Mexican crowd one, I was the first one to change. When Jam-fly and some others changed theirs later, they used the link to the pic that was in my profile and not jcs. So, their avatars are setup to be whatever is in the link to my avatar. So whenever I change my picture, theirs changes. When I changed to the Italian flag, theirs did automatically, and now they have my gay pride flag hahahaha
  8. Kind of the reason I pointed out earlier that some people don't attend Vegas ones. They aren't old enough i.e. me. If it was a good Indian casino or something that is 18+ and spreads poker we could do that, but there possibly might be people who aren't even old enough for that.
  9. This is true, so I don't just generally hate or have a problem with people who wear sunglasses at a table. However, if you're sitting in a 1/2 game or a low stakes home game or something and you want to wear glasses, it's probably because you want to look cool and like a real poker player like on tv. It's people like that that I have a problem with because it's just stupid. And by "you" earlier I mean a person, not you specifically, for clarification.
  10. Take it to the BJ tables. Cmon, you know you want to. Seriously, only a few good hands and you'll get all of that 60k back!
  11. I've seen a few people around that are in or around St. Louis/the Midwest, but I've never really concentrated on finding them. We've seen FCPers do meets in Vegas and some other cities. I've always wanted to take part in something like that but the Vegas ones are kind of difficult as some of us aren't 21. Just curious who is in the midwest and might be interested in attending/hosting something like this. I'm not planning one or anything officially, but I'd like to see what people from STL, Chicago, central Illinois, Kansas City, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. think.
  12. Who else is watching this now and thinks this is one of the coolest shows on TV right now? When the plans for this show were released, my then GF tried to get me to make one to audition, as it would definitely be one of my dreams. I didn't end up doing it, but I'm loving this show right now.
  13. I love your sig, Volare=nuts. Viva la Rat Pack.Sunglasses/poker tattoos/etc FTMFL. I agree that many times these are the worst players at a table.
  14. K I just watched the video and heard Amnon's comments. Not a lot of content to get any new info, other than he implied that he pushed the flop and both Chip and the button folded and he picked up the pot. I was unaware of that, and was under the impression that the button had called the push after Chip folded. That doesn't change anything about our actions, I just thought it was interesting that the button folded. I'm guessing he did not have what I was almost certain he had (JJ with a small possibility of 99). I was pretty confident about that but once again I'm not sure how deep his sta
  15. Ok I'm back and have reconsidered just about everything looshle, Grinder, and I were discussing. Plus we now have the most important info which obviously is FWP's input. Lol jk Hoosier's table info now is what I've been wanting. I'm almost certain that as long as there isn't a total donkey at the table (which I seriously doubt there was), this is not true. I'm positive an open shove is only getting called by QQ+ and AK. At least that's what my range would be here, unless I just had the shortest of short stacks in which case it doesn't even matter bc all of Hoos' money doesn't get in if I
  16. haha told you. I basically explained the original joke and still someone didn't get it.
  17. I haven't played ring NL in awhile, but I've played PLO fairly recently and theory-wise, I think yes reloading after the blinds would be the correct play. Practically though, If you play a pot with 24.25 here I don't think you should kick yourself obv. Sorry, but we really can't ignore that. Stop playing 25NL if your BR is 20. Approach to poker-wise, you're fine. Your theory and opinion was miles ahead of your friend's. While I still think your exact play with the KK might not have been perfect, the theory behind if was waaaaay better than your friend's.
  18. I really think that all of us are correct at the same time. However, this is with us assuming all things are equal (strength of table/aggressiveness of table/our image/others' images/closeness to bubble/avg stack size).With that in our way, Grinders argument for a preflop push is very good. My argument for the std. raise pre is equally good, and looshles argument for the creative limp/reraise is also good. The problem is that all things definitely are not equal. So many different things are playing a hand in this for Hoosier that we are totally uninformed on.For example, and this is totall
  19. Good question. And you didn't reload IMMEDIATELY why? I love you, but that's a bad idea.I kinda just quoted the posts I had a response to. OP, the correct action for your hand depends on the table/stacks/images. You said the UTG had been playing VERY tight lately. If that's so, why wouldn't the UTG limp set off alarms in your head? Usually an UTG limp is very strong. Then again, this is 25NL so I don't put anything past anyone. I don't think .75 is the best raise, though. I think a little more is correct, like 1.25 or so. However, this discussion is aggravating as there is absolutely n
  20. Agreed, I love hand discussion. I was just in my kitchen re-heating leftover Chinese and still thinking about all the different possibilities and couldn't wait to come back and see who replied.
  21. I think you two just had different definitions of weak and strong. According to you, strong is only AA and KK, weak here is TT-QQ and AK. Personally I feel AK and QQ should be included in strong, and TT and JJ could be classified as minimums.Yes, I think we can all agree that he doesn't have less than TT with a shove here. I wouldn't think it would be anything else, but once again we are totally unaware of table images and the aggressiveness of the table around the bubble.
  22. Ok, I had a brain fart I guess bc I was temporarily thinking Steve was also advocating the push preflop. I would like to hear Steve's thoughts on the open shove on the flop, but I guess that action is for a different discussion as we're talking preflop right now.I am also in the check/shove camp on the flop, but I'm in the standard raise pre camp and I think the open shove prelop is the third best option behind standard raise and limping. Limping is interesting and will get his money in pre almost certainly (although we have to remember that the button possibly could have had QQ or JJ and w
  23. Ok so the range was your calling range from the players, not Hoos's shoving range. All cleared up and I take back what I said about Reese not calling if that's Hoos's range bc that post is now irrelevant.Without knowing any images/etc. I don't like pushing bc like I think looshle said it greatly reduces the chance that you double up. An open push from UTG looks very strong to me. Had his M been 3 or something horrid like that ya, the push will have a wide range. With his stack at that point I think it looks super strong and I definitely don't think Chip is calling unless Chip just had an u
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