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  1. Even apart from the bolded inconsistencies in your story, fold preflop every time. That truly is a garbage hand in O8 from early position. From there, you really only wanna be playing hands with high/low potential, especially raising! I could just about forgive you for limping with this and hoping to sleaze a nice flop, but youve gotta figure someone has a better hand.When it comes to the reraise, you said you have a LAG image, so he's gonna call with a much larger range of hands than you think. Again, I think the al-in rereraise was a mistake, as I think you both can still get away from this
  2. Yeah good luck with that. I too am in the UK, and everyone I spoke to said that the US version can't be shipped over here. Im guessing we're not gonna get our own release, so looks like its eBay if you want it that much....
  3. Basically, If you were the last person to bet, show your hand first, then any callers that want to can show. If it was checked around, either clockwise from dealer, or anyone who thinks they might have won...Just be reasonable, and don't slowroll, and it doesnt matter all that much
  4. We go together, like dadadaddada spam-a-lam-a-ding-dong
  5. So that's losing then? sorry, made me laugh - congrats on the win, you're better than me.
  6. Or get there, for that matter...
  7. That's reasonable because it's not high-only...Just don't invest too much on a low board with no Ace
  8. Not saying he had a 9, but if he did, he doesnt wanna commit too much on the flop with wht is as you said a very vulnerable hand. If top pair was A - J, then raising would be fine, but I think with all the potentially scary turns posible, he doesn't wanna get too involved, unless he's still ahead come the turn.
  9. I agree with tapeworm there is no hard and fast rule for continuation betting, but I also agree that this flop has to be bet - what do you think he has here that he can call a pot-sized bet on the flop? Very little - AA-QQ and probably JJ would reraise pf in position more often than not, there's no straight of flush possibilities here, and any small/medium pocket pair would probably give it up for a pot-sized bet (or even smaller), unless they've setted-up, in which case you're gonna know about it when they reraise and can easily throw your handaway.Same with the turn - that 4 is unlikely to h
  10. I think you played it well. I agree with Swift here though that a flop raise is possible. your opponent has raised from UTG pf, so I think he has a hand that, at this level, he's gonna struggle to get away from with 3 hearts on board. I also think that if another heart falls, unless he has K/Q , you've lost him, so why not extract a bit more on the flop?Also at this level, flat calling a flopped nut flush is effectively automatic, so there's value in not playing it that way - you look like you have top pair, or maybe a naked A , or even an attempted steal on what is probably a scary flop for
  11. Then I retract that part of my previous statement! well played and unlucky there by the way...
  12. Firstly, Jerry had 2 pair, so not a terrible call, and secondly DN absolutely LOVED Jimmy during the webcast and was clearly rooting for him - why would he suddenly decide he didnt want him as protege?Personally, Im sure its nothing sinister - and Im gonna have to rely on you lot to tell me what it was when it does all come out, being a Brit...
  13. Thanks. Im using IE, and the little windows media scren is blank. It says ready at the bottom, so I press play, and it says connecting to media, then back to ready again, with no picture/sound.I tried copy/pasting the URL into windows media player, but a box comes up saying, and I quote: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play."Is it coz Im British...?
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