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  1. They may do something crazy like actually arm the guards. I really never understood the idea of unarmed guards, pretty silly when all you need is a big knife to score a multi-million dollar heist.
  2. Durr sure came across as an arrogant punk in the heads up tourney.
  3. I sincerly hope no one out there is getting spiritual advice or understanding from this group. This is a pretty idiotic thread.
  4. Exactly. I've folded big hands in this kind of spot only to see big donks shoving crrap, overplaying middle pairs etc. And I don't care what stakes we are talking about.
  5. I never got any email, but months ago when someone mentioned it, I tried to use it and it worked fine for me.
  6. I would have never expected to see this kind of behaviour from a 57 and a 61 year old.
  7. Dennis Miller for President!! I really wanted a T-shirt that had that, but didn't see any on his website which is a bummer. He is hilarious, intelligent, and I find my political thoughts and views to be very close to his !I am a conservative but I find Hannity pretty annoying (not sure what it is, lack of humor?) and O'Reilly way too smug with himself.
  8. It has been documented that Saddam Hussein WANTED the world to think he had WMDs. That was his goal. He miscalculated that this would protect him from invasion when in fact it led to it. How can you fault the U.S. intelligence community for that? And I find it amusing when some bonehead decides he knows Bush is stupid. Why is that exactly? His accent? His actions which don't agree with your liberal agenda? He may not be the sharpest guy around but calling him stupid is truly laughable.
  9. Probably not a waste of time at all as the discipline you will be forced to have will teach you something far more important in the long run at being successful. Or so they say, I don't manage my bankroll well ...
  10. The difference between 2nd and a chopped 5 way is, as someone calculated above as almost $6 million. I guess if $6 million is a big deal to you (it sure would be for me), it's an insta fold. If I got $100 mill in the bank, it's a call. Even in folding, like someone else stated your still playing heads up for the other $10 mil and since the blinds aren't high, there's still plenty of play left.And when I fold I flip over my hand and yell "I can dodge bullets baby !!!" to show the eventual winner I am crazy.
  11. It's simple really. For having the courage to do what those before would or could not. For standing up to those who thought we have lost all our will to fight and have grown too complacent to get down in the trenches. For making one of the most difficult decisions the Commnader in Chief can make in sending young patriots into harm's way for the good of us all. But most of all, for continuing to fight on because of what he believes is the right thing, even in the face of sinking popular opinion fueled by the left wing propaganda news machines.
  12. Only $70 something, but hey it was only a $3 tourney.
  13. Such horse crap,JJ vs. A 2 all in pre-flop.You know the result, bleh.
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