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  1. I have no problem playing stricktly at Caesar's it was head and shoulders my favorite room. Yeah 8 hours is a lot but it's the same deal as Wynn 119 a night. My buddies all wanted to stay there so I'll manage fine. Just curious if anybody had any insite on the game from recent play
  2. I'm sitting at work right now just staring at the clock. I leave for Vegas tommorow night at 6:15. I'm staying at Caesar's Palace. I'm getting the poker room rate. I have to play for eight hours a day, which isn't a big deal. In the last three trips I've averaged probably 12 a day. Anyone know anything about the play at Caesars in the 1-3 NL game. I played last May and beat the game for about a grand in 1.5 sessions. Just wanted to know if anyone had any recent insite. And yes I've been to AllVegasPoker.com. Just looking for something more in depth. Anyone out in Vegas that wants to
  3. About a year ago a buddy of mine lost 3k in the game at the bellagio. A series of the worst consistant beats I have ever seen. He was playing over his head but his comment was that it was full of rich guys (guys playing in their bankroll or just actual rich guys) who will call you down and chase and draw no matter how small. He was suicidal at the Luxor and we made sure he didn't jump he did go back the next day though and get the 20-40 for in a 35 hour session. He was still pissed about the 3k though. I say go and buy-in for the min. play tight see how the game is and see if you can buil
  4. I choose Kathy Liebert cause her women parts smell like rotten tuna and Tuna is the chicken of the sea and my favorite fish!GO KATHY!!!! TAKE IT DOWN YOU STINK BOX
  5. He is part of the Bukakke Danish Pirate Fleet and makes millions by blinding the people he steals from by blowing fatty loads in their eyes. He became great at poker by playing at sea, he has become less successful after having been repeatedly hit by a bus known as the "GUS BUS" that is supposedly driven by blind angry Danish travelers who have forged licenses due to the fact that they are blind and could not pass a drivers test. This is the reason he is losing millions online, brain damage from the GUS BUS.Just what I heard don't shoot the messenger...
  6. Bus meet Paul...Paul meet Bus...You do the math
  7. Keena James-Saw him at the WSOP circuit at Caesar Palace Vegas. He talked for about 10 minutes. He's from Chicago and I am too. It was towards the end of the lunch break but he offered if I was going to be around tommorow to go out to lunch to talk poker. I was however leaving but he said it was an open invitation just to flag him down at one of the breaks when I'm out in Vegas.Harrington was very nice and talked to my dad for about 15 minutes.Matusow was a prick, it was lunch break and he is a fat *** so I'm guessing food was way more important than paying any attention to anybody.Arieh
  8. Glad I posted that and had all the answers when I got back.Thank you. I'm definately going to look into Mirage, especially if I can share the time with someone else. I wonder how expensive of a room I can get and still get that deal. At Caesar's like I said I can get a room up to 400. Which would be unbelievable I'm sure.
  9. Usually, I don't really care where I stay but I now have a job and some extra cash and I've always wanted to stay at one of the nicer hotels on the strip. In my four trips out there, I've stayed twice at the Trop, once at IP and once at the Luxor. SO I would ideally like to stay at a place like the Bellagio or Venetian or Caesar or MB or Mirage. Just kind of want to spoil myself and hopefully win some cash. That would be awesome if I could split time with me and a buddy or two to get the room rate. That will be something I ask hopefully someone on here can save me a call or two.Thanks
  10. Are their certain stakes you have to play at to get comped at Bellagio. I heard something about 15-30 or higher?
  11. I'm heading out to Vegas in March for the 1st round of the March Madness.I made my first inquiry about staying at a hotel and playing there and what type of deal they offer for hotel rooms. I was out their in June and played at Caesar and did pretty well their playing 1-2 and 2-5 nl game. So I called there yesterday.Their deal is any room up to 400 dollars a night at 119 dollars a night(monday-thursday) and 199 a night (friday-sunday) IF you play an average of 8 hours a day. Not a terrible deal but a lot of hours especially if you take a couple beats but very few if you a getting hit by the
  12. It is safe to say you played this hand like a sissy girl. You need to throw in a feeler raise to find out where you are at in the hand. On an unrelated note, anyone who lives in Chicago land area I highly encourage you to go play in the Hollywood Casino Wensday tourney, filled with retired old people who have no idea what they are doing. Their are very few good players there, I know this how, My Dad has made the final table 4 out of 7 weeks and he had to call me the first day to ask if a flush was better than a straight. Buy in 160 dollars be their at 10:30 or so AM. Just a little FYI.
  13. Why don't all of you do the world a big favor and wrap your internet cords around your necks and continue to pull on each end til you pass out. Then wake up and repeat. Get off your lazy asses and go play live somewhere instead of being hermits. **** ALL OF YOU!!!
  14. You bloody god damn brit of course you aren't up to speed on US poker, your country isn't even up to speed on dental hygiene. GO **** YOURSELF !!!!!
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