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  1. Daniel, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I've always enjoyed how you shared your Mom and family with us. May God comfort you and all who knew and loved your Mom. You'll be in my prayers.Jim
  2. Daniel, Thanks for the updates about your Mom. You are all still in my prayers.Jim
  3. Daniel, So sorry to hear about your Mom. You both are in my prayers. May God comfort you both in this difficult time. 1 Pet 5:10Jim
  4. Daniel - Great post. Sen Obama is an inspiring man and appears to be a great leader, but I'm having a hard time seeing an honest approach in his campaign. Take his 95% tax claim issue for example. First of all, more than 5% of Americans pay no federal tax at all, some estimate 30-40%. So Sen Obama can't cut taxes on 95% of Americans because there aren't 95% who pay, even if he could get the Congress to vote with him. It's not a tax cut, it's a rebate check. The rebates will be paid for by a windfall profits tax on oil companies. I'm guessing the oil companies will then increase gas and oi
  5. DN, Great blog. Lee Strobel's books have also helped strengthen my faith. Great to see you discuss the topic in your blog. May God continue to bless you.Jim
  6. Huge Congrats Daniel. Good luck the rest of the way - more braclets on the way.Jim
  7. DN, I think your comments about many the religious right are spot on. It only takes a few "Christians" to send the wrong message. The Crusades and Inquisition come to mind - and we're all still paying for that. I'm sure Satan is more than happy for us to spend our time and energy chasing things that in the end won't really matter. Your comment about politics in first century and how Jesus dealt with it should give us all a better indication of where we ought to focus our energy. I also liked your comments on sin. In an age of relative truth - sin is what it is and we who claim to be Chris
  8. DN, I would recommend going to Butchart Gardens near Victoria, beautiful place and great resturant. Taking the ferry through the San Juan Islands is a great way to spend some time too. Enjoy.Jim
  9. DN, For one, I've been inspired by your expression of your Christian faith. I'm glad you talk about your life, your struggles, your goals, your successes, and your faith. You present yourself as a real person. I kinda miss you talking about Lori when you were dating and I'm glad you mentioned her in this blog. Our families are important to us. Thanks for sharng yourself with us. Jimshoen
  10. Mere Christianity - C.S. LewisThe Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren
  11. You mean we can't control our behavior - our brain chemistry runs the show and we can't do anything about it?
  12. Thank you for your serviceCol Jim Shoenhard, USAF
  13. Dawkins' notion of evolution comes from his mind. The logic goes like this: Dawkins has in his mind a model of how evolution should work. He can create a computer program that approximates how the model in his mind works. Therefore, we are to believe this is how evolution works in the real world. Dawkins states the argument himself in these words: "There is another mathematical space filled, not with nine-gened biomorphs but with flesh and blood animals made of billions of cells, each containing tens of thousands of genes. This is not biomorph space but real genetic space." The assumption is t
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