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  1. You live in South Jersey take the day off and rail your buddies. It's suppposed to be a nice day. Now that i know it is going on I may head down there myself.I wish I could, while I do live in south jersey, I go to Drexel University and am currently living in Philly. And I have classes today, one of which is a test, but I sure do wish I could go rail.
  2. Does anyone know of any sites covering this? I am mostly concerned with todays event as I have some friends playing in it. I know cardplayer will probably have the results but is there any chance any other site is covering todays $500+60 event.
  3. I know it sounds dumb, but if I am in a downswing I will analyze my game, thinking about things such as "am I giving off major tells?" and then Ill watch some poker on TV and try and see what the pros do, hand after hand, to not show any tells. Usually by this point Ive focused on this area so much (which really doesnt matter because I am not playing with experts) that whatever problems with my game work themselves out.I always remind myself that the reason I play poker is to make money. And nothing else.
  4. Your wrong. In a ten handed poker game you arent supposed to win 1/10 hands unless everyone in that game is the same player with the same skills. You dont need the best hand to win a pot, and you dont need the worst hand to fold your hand... I see where you are trying to take this but there are too many variables to make this an effective argument.
  5. ive seen the milk done in concertthe eggs one ive never heard of, or tried.
  6. I should add that we were not into the money and probably 30 players before the bubble.
  7. So in the Full Tilt $10,500 guarentee tonight I had HoosierAlum at my table. He was all in for less than the bb and there are three total players. The flop comes xx9 and I hit a 9 so i bet about half the pot. The other guy in the pot told me that correct ettiquette(sp) is to check it down to multiply the chance to take the all in player out. I responded that we arent playing team poker and unless that player is sitting out or not there I am never going to check down my hand.Can someone please tell me the correct play?
  8. after the third time i read it in three different posts...ive came to the conclusion...TP/MM
  9. good luck, I am railing now, also good luck to ChuckSty
  10. I think you have a very limited understanding of "Brunson Power Poker."It has nothing to do with my understanding, when I say I heard that means other people have said, it has nothing to do with my opinion, I think you have a very limited understanding of when someone tells you something they heard or tells you something they know to be fact. If you want a specific quote Pokerbok(a higher stakes online player) said the following:"Yes, there is method to Dustin's madness.. he plays power poker - Brunson style."i did enjoy your attempt to flame however
  11. Yea, it bothered me so much at a live tournament that I decided to write and article about it, giving it the name The Empty Pot Rule. you can read about that at http://www.stratfordshark.blogspot.comflame all you want on how crappy my blog is, but I thought the Empty Pot Rule was a good article to get my group of friends to read, so now maybe they understand.
  12. you guys are thinking of Darrel Dicken. Dustin Dirksen is some Law student from Iowa and as far as I know before he won one of the guarentee tournaments he was playing nowhere near the stakes he played after he won.
  13. After looking at the chip stacks after day 1 I saw Dustin Dirksen is pretty high up on the list. For those of you who don't know, Dirksen won a big tournament on Full Tilt and then started playing in the high stakes (mostly 50/100 NL) cash games on Full Tilt playing most of the pros. He ran extremely well during this time and took money from many players including Ivey. I always heard he played Brunson Power Poker, pushing all in with the nut flush draw just about every time. My question to FCP is have any of you played with him or watched him play tournaments? Is this law student from Io
  14. They are actually playing HOSE and rotating tables every half hour
  15. I tried it last night and it worked, me and a buddy both played in a tournament(different ones of course) and had no problems.... (he may have been using pokerroom)
  16. I was wondering if me and a buddy can play at the same time under the same name on full contact? I know that on sites like party poker you get kicked out, but I heard it works for full contact... is this true?I posted in the FCP forum but it seems anyone who lurks around there is asleep(or playing)
  17. I was wondering if me and a buddy can play at the same time under the same name on full contact? I know that on sites like party poker you get kicked out, but I heard it works for full contact... is this true?
  18. The problem with this being that I get almost no respect for small standard raises, and anything more than that I get a ton of respect... I like the idea of limping with AK AQ etc. but there is usually going to be a raise after my limp... Do I re-raise? or call? It's almost as if when I make a standard raise people respond with "I am going to bust you for cheap despite you being a better player than me" and if I raise more than standard they say "He is a good player so Im not going to gamble with him." (in their heads of course) I am trying to figure out what would be profitable(other
  19. Here is my question/dilemma:I have a group of people I play with in live games. I am regarded as one of the best players. I get mixed respect, but lately it seems people have complete disregard for money.In our .50/1 game the group bets like it were a $1/$2. Tonight was complete madness, which leads into my question...I am at a 10-handed table and the table looks like this..MeTight-PassiveTight-PassiveTight-AggressiveLoose-Aggressive(Maniac)Tight-AggressiveLoose-Aggressive(Pre-Flop Maniac)Loose-Aggressive(Post-Flop Maniac)Tight-Aggressive(Maniac tilter)Tight-AggressiveWhat strategy should I
  20. Since when was raising like that preflop textbook PLO? I'm sorry but I think you play to much holdem and overvalue your aces...
  21. RIGGED I BET!!sorry tritz i couldnt resist.you know, I'd kill for some software that let me see the flop beforehand... imagine what you could do with these sidebets!...If you pick the right goggles you CAN!!!you would rich..go pro...make millions
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