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  1. (Omaha Pot Limit, $2/$4) Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Mesisca ($170 in chips) Seat 2: Kilagus ($300 in chips) Seat 3: DirkDirka ($250 in chips) Kilagus: posts small blind $2 DirkDirka: posts big blind $4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Mesisca [Ah 3h 3s 4s]Mesisca: raises $6 to $10 Kilagus: foldsDirkDirka: calls $6*** FLOP *** [9h Jh Tc]DirkDirka: bets pot $24Mesisca: calls $24 *** TURN *** [9h Jh Tc] [3d] (pot now $72)DirkDirka: bets pot $72Mesisca: ?????????????????Ok so its 3-handed live cash game, I tried my best to make the hand clear, my read on this player is he has been tight for 3-handed but doesn’t try and be tricky about his hand. He is obviously representing a straight but his pot bet on the flop could just as well be a set, and by me just calling he assumes he is ahead. Now I hit a set and the nut flush draw, what should my action be on this turn? Any other comments about the hand would be appreciated as well.

  2. its got to be one of these, hopefully the bellande/hellmuth table doesnt make the tv table as interesting as that may be aside from the poker.O13-1: Haysam Chiniara - 79500O13-2: Sigurd Eskeland - 399500O13-3: Dustin Holmes - 734000O13-4: Joe Bishop - 247500O13-5: Jon Turner - 726500O13-6: JP Kelly - 217000O13-7: Lawrence Jacobs - 141500O13-8: Adam Schoenfeld - 200000O13-9: David Angel - 164000Holmes and Turner top stacks and schoenfeld at the table as well, wouldnt mind watching this oneO28-1: Robert Mizrachi - 138000O28-2: Danny Fuhs - 320000O28-3: Jiri Hlavaty - 235000O28-4: Marcelo Dabus - 159000O28-5: Steve Billirakis - 124000O28-6: Salomon Sutton - 225500O28-7: Cliff Josephy - 59000O28-8: William Soffin - 294500O28-9: Tri Nguyen - 370000mizrachi billirakis and josephy that would be interesting to watch as well.

  3. Central is what they tell me. I live about a mile from Rutgers Stadium.
    id call that north i guess just because id call central north as most south jersey people lol, but thats cool your near the stadium, i actually go to rutgers camden.
  4. wow thats nuts, worst neighbors i ever had took shits on fellow neighbors lawns and threw their shit boxers in the bushes, i guess when your on shrooms taking shits and leaving your boxers for the neighbor sounds like a good idea? and i thought that was bad lol, at least you got protection, id be sitting there with my keyboard in albert pujols stance waiting just incase

  5. that A5 hand was a pretty sick callheres my big question, i'd love to hear gigabets reasoning for checking AQ on the K T J J board after betting the flop then flat calling 320k on the river? anyone else see this play?

  6. This Is Mesisca (7:45:07 AM): hey it looks like this will go to your mobile deviceAuto Response from ErikRyland08 (7:45:07 AM): Your IM has been sent to my mobile device. When I receive it, I will be able to reply. Thanks for your IM! Want your IMs forwarded to your phone? Click hereThis Is Mesisca (7:45:22 AM): in that case, unblock dapper dan g when you get back on your computerThis Is Mesisca (7:45:42 AM): hope you dont have a limited amount of text messagesThis Is Mesisca (7:45:53 AM): there is an army coming until you do sowhether your still giving out or not, i hate people who scam, anyway im pretty sure i sent him like 4 text messages lol its pretty early maybe the message will get through to him that he is scumi distraction i on full tilt

  7. Option 2 is the one my partner uses to bury people in debt at our game. Then they become dealers to work it off. Do you want to be a dealer?
    maybe you didnt understand, under no circumstance will i owe him money at all. even in option 2 if i lost $300 its on him. I would'nt owe him anything...looks like 2 seems to be standardbut surely option 1 is best for me the player correct, because he has offered it.
  8. I am curious as to if anyone has been staked or staked someone in a cash game. I am going on a trip to play poker for a couple of days and have been offered a stake in the cash games. Should it be based on each session or total trip? I am trying to work it out in a way that is good for me but not that he would get angry at the results and not stake me again.a couple of options:1. 50/50 after stakeback per session.pro- great for me the player because i will be able to "bank" a profit with every winning session and cant lose any of my profit after i bank it because ill be playing with house money.con- bad for the staker because say i win $500 then lost $200 in my next session, I make $250 profit while he only makes $50 profit.2. 50/50 after stakeback for all sessions.pretty good deal for him, i never get to bank money3. a different split in his favor maybe 60/40 after stakeback per sessionI have no idea, ive never done a multiple session stake before, if anyone has or has an opinion or another option please let me know what you would do.thanks in advance

  9. yea just like the title says, on full tilt, 3.30 knockout 90 man sit n go...please leave me your full tilt name, your pokerrankings page and a small description of why i should let you stake me...full tilt name : i distraction i50/50 no sbthat or just send it and ill post tourny number :club:

  10. UTG+1 raises to 1900, (loose cannon, playing/raising alot of hands and just lost most his stack to villan 2 is this hand)folds to me, look down at AhAc... :D I mill it over Hollywood it then push in for 4500, folds to bb, he calls, back to OR calls. FLOP= AsQc9c guy on my left looks up at me and I wink , he whispers "you got it" I nod yes. bb bets 6k OR moves in bb callsOR shows Ad10c bb shows KsQs.... NICE RIGHT? Lets move on TURN = 9c.... OK still SWEET right ? RIVER = drumroll please any wild guesses....... Pokerstars people.... cmon YOU KNOW..... thats right JACK OF EFFING SPADES!!! I am 75% to win that hand and go to 10k and feeling really good... ANd I finish the hand in THIRD place. I just stare for a min. pick up my sh!t and leave..... GOOD game me!!!! BLAH. :club:
    im a little confused, i think you gave the wrong turn card, im assuming the turn was the Ts? according to your story the board would have been AsQc9c9cJs you would have had a boat and won, which is obviously not the case, anyway tough to flop top set with AA after you get it all in with the best and won, gl if you plan to play any more events
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