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  1. what's the point in making a post if you're out in 1500th?I just wanna see if any FCPer's are still in there
  2. HORSE Event, anyone else out there still in??1798 started, 213 remaining... I sit 15th as SlickpeteyHow's everyone else?
  3. I'm posting because I will see you there Daniel Negreanu.I won a seat through Absolute PokerWish me luck
  4. Direct qualifier to WSOP main event, Absolute Poker, I'm slickpetey
  5. Thanks a lot for all you who came down to wish me good luck.... I was soooo shocked when he called me, I knew he had ****But the 14K is nice!Thanks guys!
  6. Any rail birds out there, Absolute pokers $100K guarenteed, I'm Slickpetey final table baby $25000 to winner
  7. $2-$4 NLI'm on button with $600 infront and limp, sm and big blinds call and check, 3 way pot.I have J9 spadesFlop comes 10h 5d 8hcheck, check, I bet $12 into a $11.60 potsm blind check raises $15 more, I call.Turn comes 7sp, Sm blind best $44I reraise to $100 he folds.He said he had 2 pair, my question is, would you have smooth called his bet on the turn or reraised like i did?
  8. yeah it was me stealing your blinds lol, you hated me!
  9. Right on right on, $414 richer, it was fun guys!
  10. 9 10 suited or not3 5 suitedbut definately my favorite of all time7 5 suited
  11. HAHAHAHAAHAHA Do not accept that
  12. Well being a fellow canadian and poker enthusiast, I obvisouly follow Daniel's progress. From his TV persona, Daniel appears to be a genuinely good person, one of the other reason's I really enjoy watching him. It's absolutely amazing to watch some of the sick beats that Daniel has encountered the past year. It seems like every time I watch him play he always has the 2nd nuts with another player cantching the stone cold nuts on the river... His beats are so bad I feel like he's playing online lol.The one thing I'm wondering is, do you think with all the things on the side, such as his book
  13. Well, it was a horrible call and you got unlucky, the only thing I can think is the fact that you lead out on that flop probably made him think you had a 6. I think you were doomed no matter what happened, sounds like he would have called you all the way through whether you slowplayed or not... just sucks
  14. Yes I commend him as well, but flip the coin, without the fan base these guys wouldn't make all the extra money such as Endorsments and what not
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