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  1. You can play a lot of pots if you have a lot of chips.. unfortunately he didn't have a lot of chips and was still playing every other hand. That just doesn't work he thinks his **** doesn't stink and he can outplay everyone regardless of the cards. I hate to tell you but it just doesn't work very well.
  2. DN played too many pots like usual and it cost him once again
  3. You are a complete joke, you think your opinion is always right. It is disgusting, Phil did nothing wrong. I used to really like you as a player until you thought you were better than everyone else. You are a pompous *******, gg.
  4. LOL. K9 high is rarely going to be the best hand after the flop. I don't understand why he doesn't just raise the flop. I don't get his check/calling with mediocre hands out of position. I am not one of argue with the man he knows what he is doing I am just confused with that hand.
  5. When is the freeroll going to be for the people who qualified for that 5k buyin tourney on FCP. Also where is that 50k freeroll going to be for the people who qualified before September 2nd going to be. Thanks FCP info
  6. Does anyone know of any satellites online for the WPT event in Fallsview. I have heard Full Tilt has them, but I am not 21, and if I did end up getting a seat there, I could get my seat revoked. Thanks for the help
  7. I am interested, hopefully buyin is 200 or more.
  8. Crazyjoe, glad you are posting in this thread you are saying exactly how I feel. Funny thing is whenever Matusow and Negreanu are doing anything with the media, Negreanu only has bad things to say about him, some friend he is. Matusow always says how great of a player Negreanu is yet Negreanu only insults him. It is the case of an inflated ego.
  9. Same for me, except I am no longer a DN fan. His ego has become a joke, and he constantly talks down to everyone thinking he is above everyone else. I love how everyone blames Greenstein for being the bad guy, but the more I think about it I think Negreanu is more to blame. It was definitely mean spirited and it was personal. I would be embarrassed if I were him of the way he acted on national tv. For all of you who say Matusow is so terrible with his trash talk, he is joking around. When he says he is the best player at the table he is kidding around and is harmless. What Negreanu said is
  10. Wow, you summed up what I was thinking. Daniel Negreanu was a cool guy and a great poker player, now his ego has taken a life of its own. There was no need for what Negreanu said, it was definitely mean spirited. He thinks his **** doesn't stink and that Matusow is a joke. The part where you said Negreanu treats him as a "pit friend" is exactly how I thought of it. Matusow seems to really like Negreanu, I am not sure why. Negreanu has become a pompous *** and I don't even like him anymore. Completely disgusted how he acted.
  11. You were a solid player, so many donks made the final 20 it was unreal. So bummed out right now.
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